King Rasa the Jealous

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He throws a punch at me, and I deflect- making him stumble.

I grin as I throw down a ball-- it explodes with a pop, releasing what looked like air.

He doesn't waste time flickering away.

I crouch down placing my hands on the floor- then I begin attacking with my wood from far away-- I'd be about out of chakra once done with this attack.

He dodges wood spike after wood spike, actually flinching when one almost hits his face-- seems he wasn't expecting spikes to grow out of the spikes.

I quickly take my hands off the floor- standing up and jumping from one side of the field to the other, and then jumping to another area-- and continued jumping around like that for a minute.

He appears next to me before I even realize and grabs me by my leg, swinging me into the floor.

I wince as I sink into the floor-- it cratering under me.

I pull my staff out- which I had picked up in my little jumping around stunt, extending it as I swung at his face. He moved back and I kip-up, instantly bending back again as I dodge a kick.

He begins to send me a flurry of kicks and punches, I struggle to keep up with the movement, attempting to block every other hit -because, let's be honest, it would get messy trying to block them all- while channeling chakra into the area's which he aimed at.

I don't find any openings-- his speed had quickened, and even though he was wobbly and having difficulties seeing, he was fast enough to pretend those faults didn't exist.

I block as he relentlessly attacks-- pain searing up like pins in your leg when it falls asleep.

He appears behind me, kicking at my head-- I try and duck but I know I won't make it, so I channel a shit ton of chakra to my head and legs, trying to stimulate the muscles to make them move quickly.

Surprisingly enough, it worked- but it hurt like a bitch.

Did I just use chakra to move myself?

Fight or flight instinctual learning is an interesting thing...

I collapse as I go down to duck, and that's when he takes a step back, blinking slowly.

"I think I see why you were able to survive-- though, he and I could have probably killed you easily. So many weak spots, fear not though; such is the process of learning!" His voice had some energy again by the end of it.

Finally given a moment to rest, the exhaustion catches up to my body, and I sit there- dry heaving and panting as he speaks and rubs circles on my back.

"You have this great ability to do something utterly stupid that actually works!"

I don't really know whether to feel grateful or offended-- not that it really mattered, I was in no state to even speak.

"You're lacking in Taijutsu -although I suppose you're ahead of your fellow genin- I can see you have some muscle, but I'm assuming it's new because there is much room for improvement. You're slow generally speaking."

I sit there, staring at him as he lists off my flaws like ingredients for a recipe. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

I opted to stare.

"Again I suppose you are only a Genin, so that is to be expected-- you're well above Jounin and even some Anbu in some aspects though. Your chakra control! Managed to catch me off guard each time. You have some well-made seals, did you make them yourselves?" He asked enthusiastically.

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