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I shriek, jumping into the air as Kakashi's blade narrowly misses his target- me.

The moment I land I aim a kick at his solar plexus, he moves the side, pushing me while I'm off balance. I catch myself before I fall and jump at him, hurling a punch at his jaw.

He catches my hand- and holds it- and throws a punch at me. Unable to physically get away, I move slightly enough to dodge but stay in his range. I use my open hand to grab my staff and -with my now extremely long reach- take a stab at his stomach, he bounces backward, appearing behind me a few seconds later -to which I had already been turning around- and a smack resounds as he perfectly smacks my face.

He blinks in surprise and I cradle my cheek.

"Sakura-Chan how didn't you see that coming?"

"I dunno..." I trail off thoughtfully. He starts thinking as well.

He hums, "Okay, wear this," he hands me a piece of cloth, "and practice without your eyes. You're good with telling where someone will be with chakra; it seems you only rely on sight when fighting, but you have other senses Sakura. You should rely on them while fighting too."

I hold the soft cloth in my hands, turning it over a few times and looking up at him.

"Wait... I'm not gonna fight blindfolded?!" I panic.

He starts laughing, "No, but that's not a bad idea. Maybe another time..." He stops for a moment to grab something, "just some basic dodging practice. The only price you pay is some bruises."

I scoff, "Oh because that's new."

He rolls his eye, motioning for me to tie it.

I sigh, tying it around my eyes. The world goes dark and I take an uneasy breath. "Promise not to kill me?" I jest, trying to ease my nerves.

"No promises~"

My nose scrunches but I get no chance to say anything as I clutch my arm in pain, letting out a yelp.

"Ow!! You could have said you were starting!"

He doesn't reply with his words, instead there was another hit-- this time to my stomach.

What on earth are these things? Metal balls!?

Knowing him, it's likely.

I take a deep breath in, holding it as I listen. I let it, hissing, when another one hits me on my shoulder.

Again, and again, and again they hit me. Every time I get hit I try and concentrate for any other tells.

Eventually I find a tiny little pattern. Right when he's throwing it, there's a small noise-- probably the ball leaving his hand. So, now I just need to figure out how to tell where it is to I know how to dodge without just jumping to the other side of the world.

His throws do not get lighter, and do not get slower, and with every throw comes another wince from me.

Naturally, I begin to notice some more details!

When it's close enough I can feel it-- through the air, though I am not fast enough to dodge it when it is that close(I still try, at least). I can also slightly tell from the height he throws it at, what general area it might hit.

Of course, if it were someone else, that last pattern won't be helpful, as everyone has different throwing habits.

He pauses for an odd amount of time, then throws it again. As I jump away -yes I'm sticking to that tactic until I have a reliable way- I notice a smell coming from it. It smelled like- flowers. For a moment I wonder why that is, but before I can think any further, another one is already headed my way.

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