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The first thing I do is grab the letter, curiously— hoping it provides an extra explanation.

I open it up and begin reading.

Dear Reader,

However you got a hold of this, please pay close attention to what you read. We are hoping this gets into the right hands, but we'll be deadso there isn't much to be done about that.

If you've found our letter then you've also found five other things. A summoning contract, a scroll, a gunbai and sword, and a rock.

The summoning contract is Madara's, for an eagle, contract it if you wish— that is the whole point of this. Be aware that they are picky.

The next thing is a scroll. In that scroll are notes, theories, and Jutsu. They are both mine and Madara's, some we've worked together on. Some are finished, and some aren't- it's coded, good luck.

The next thing is a Gunbai and a Sword. The first is Madara's, it's one of his older ones, and the sword is mine, learn to use them, or hold onto them like artifacts— it's none of our concern.

The last thing is probably what you're most curious about. The rock. I don't have an explanation for that one, hold it and find out.

I hope this is enough to keep our legacy.


--Hashirama Senju

--Madara Uchiha

I blink, staring at the letter and reading it over and over again.

Fuck, Inner a summoning contract!?

You should do it! Eagles are versatile, it'd be useful.

It was Madara's....

So what?! Who genuinely gives a shit. He's dead, so it's not like it's associated with him anyway.

I grin, having been convinced by Inner.

I carefully grab the scroll and open it, signing my name with blood. Once done, nothing happens.

I smack my face with my hand and perform the summoning Jutsu, which I'd seen Naruto do so many times.

I finish and with a poof, something arrives.

I jump back in shock, a smile taking over my face.

"Who're you kid?" A gruff voice asks.

I gape at him, "Sakura Haruno, sir, Uhm, what's your name?"

"Sakura... What happened to Madara? Eh. He would've told us if he passed the summoning contract along."

I pause for a moment and decide to hold out the letter for him to read— before I pause, "ah, can you read? I can read it out loud if you w-"

"I can read."

I nod silently, letting him read.

When he finishes he lets out a huff, "'course he'd do this and not tell us. Alright- well if you were able to find it I'm sure you aren't that stupid. Here's how this is going to go. I ask you a question and see if we'll care enough to stay in contract."

I nod vigorously and sit down with my legs crossed, waiting for him to start.

"Hmph, let's see— what makes you special."

I blink time to bs my way through this.

Not bs if it's true silly Sakura

"Well I can make wood, uh- I'm great with seals, I learn quickly... oh my chakra control is- well perfect."

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