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The woman gave orders out to a man wearing a mask, her orders were sharp and simple.

"Fetch team seven."

It only took ten minutes for the remaining members to gather, the eldest holding a worried look. She stared at them for a minute, something on her mind before she sighed and stood from her desk.

"Is this about Sakura? Is she okay?" A boy with yellow hair asked, his tone quivering slightly.

"Her mission should have been much quicker than this-- but it wasn't a dangerous mission, did something happen?" The oldest one asked as the woman approached them.

"Sakura Haruno has left the village," she crossed her arms and waited for anyone to speak, and when no one did she continued, "rumor has it she joined the Akatsuki, this makes her an S-Ranked missing ninja. Do you understand?"

The orange-heads face contorted into a scowl, disbelief evident, "no way. Sakura wouldn't do that! She's... she's Sakura!"

"Naruto, I would not lie, she has left the village."

The raven-headed boy who was silent all along spoke, venom lacing his tone, "the Akatsuki? Is that some sort of joke? What the hell."

His hands were clenched and his eyebrows furrowed. The oldest one put his hand on his shoulder, "Sasuke... I- I'm so sorry." he turned forward to the woman, who had moved to the back of the room by the window, "Why? Did she... say anything, I mean there has to be something."

She sighed and looked at him, "Nothing. You guys knew her best, so I called you to investigate why she did this."

Naruto scoffed, "Where is she? We'll go bring her back, let her know she's just confused!"

"You will not. You will stay here until we can determine how big of a threat she is to us," the woman spoke, her tone unrelenting and firm, "it's bad enough we lost one incredible asset, we don't need more running off. If that was her choice, so be it."

"She was your student! How can you be so careless about this?" Naruto asked her angrily. His eyes flashed red for a moment and his skin seemed to be getting warmer.

"I do care," Tsunade's voice grows louder, she grab some papers and threw them into the trashcan, "Which is why I'm ordering you to find out why she left. It's not like her whatsoever. So can you three, Sasuke Uchiha, Naruto Uzumaki, and Kakashi Hatake handle that, or need I assign it to someone else?"

Kakashi took a step forward, his hand falling from Sasuke's shoulder, "We will do it."

Sasuke and Naruto both nod, Naruto struck silent.

They exit the building together and Naruto turns to them, "Something happened, obviously! Sakura wouldn't do that, not in a million years!"

Sasuke nods to him, "I... don't think she would either."

Kakashi grabs both of their arms, "I'm glad we're all on the same page here, then. Something is amiss —she was interviewed by T & I right after her fight with Orochimaru, and she said she would never leave this village."

"So... what does that mean?" Naruto asked, his brain running a mile a minute.

"It could mean a few things, either she's being threatened, or controlled... or- or she had to leave, it could be quite a few things, really."

"Then we search for evidence and find out which one it really was," Sasuke said.

One week passes, and nothing, and another week passes, and nothing. They hear the news.

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