Red-Light District

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I trudge back to Tenzo and Naruto, who were both sitting and drinking some water-- they had probably just finished. I wave.

"Where did you go?" Tenzo asked me curiously.

"Practice," I hummed

"Oh, what were you practicing?"

"Genjutsu! I was taking a new approach at it though, so I went away so I wouldn't accidentally mess it up or whatever."

He nods, "Do I want to know?"

I grin, "Do you?"

He shakes his head, "Anyway Naruto was practicing with the improved bow, he's getting the hand of it pretty fast, but can only use air arrows," he pats Naruto's head, "But his aim isn't all bad."

"Oho, those are big words coming from you-- I didn't know you could compliment!"

He goes to smack my head, I duck out of the way snickering. Kakashi and Sasuke appear a short while later, Kakashi seemed a lot more at ease than yesterday, and Sasuke seemed tired- but proud.

I wave to the pair, "Hey, how was it?"

Sasuke just nods as Kakashi says it was good.

Tenzo begins speaking, "All was good here as well-- Sakura made a seal for Naruto's bow, and it's really cool-- also Sakura started learning yet another thing," the pair glance at me as he speaks, "Genjutsu!"

I roll my eyes as Kakashi begins speaking.

"Genjutsu? How do you plan on fitting it into your style?" He asked, curiously.

"I'm not going to throw someone under a Genjutsu and call it a day, and that's all I'll be disclosing." I say pointedly.

Kakashi shrugs, "Okay okay." He raises his hands in defense,

I smile as Naruto says we should all go out for a team dinner. We all agree and begin walking -Naruto was sulking because we decided to go somewhere other than Ichiraku's- then I freeze, remembering something.

"Ah! I forgot something keep going I'll meet you there!"

They all nod, Naruto was about to offer to come with me, but I shake my head and Shunshin away.

I grab the notebooks I left behind, and decide to walk back-- it was nice out, okay!

I smile as I walk, there were quite a few people out, laughing together and trying to sell things using nice-people tactics.

The sun was setting in hues of orange and red and pink and there was a slight breeze in the air which carried the yummy smell of food towards me. I was almost tempted to walk into whatever restaurant it was coming from and buy everything-- but I had a team to get to.

"S- Sakura?" A voice calls out behind me-- a familiar voice, making me whip around.

My jaw clenches as I look at my mom and dad, walking hand in hand-- cotton candy in my moms hand and some bags in my dads hand.

I was about to whip right back around and walk away, but my mom called out to me again.

"We need to talk..." My dad speaks slowly.

I tilt my head, my heart stinging as I grew slightly upset. "W- why should I listen?"

My mom sighs, "we wanted to clear some things up"

I bite back my reply, and decide to hear them out-- I follow them to their house.

Yet again, they've already got me there to listen- they don't even deserve this.

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