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I woke up startled-- Kakashi had waltzed into my little wood hut, yelling at me to get up, "She's awake!"

His words don't process in my brain straight away, and I stare at him for a few seconds before I hop onto my feet and run at him, grinning.

I grab his arm and drag him all the way to her room in the hospital, opening the door sharply.

Tsunade turns to me and gives me a weak smile, there were nurses around her, checking on her.

"I'm fine, let me talk to Sakura now," she tells them, waving them off.

They scowl but I walk over, "It's fine, I can check up on her..."

They back of reluctantly and then it's only me, Tsunade, and Kakashi in the room.

In a low voice, Tsunade speaks, "what happened?"

I sigh and begin explaining the events over the last two weeks to her.

By the end she's staring at me blankly, "I don't know which part I should be more caught up on. You ran the Kage summit? You made an alliance with everyone?! You got four Akatsuki members on our side... and you exposed an underground organization? You also found two other ways to bring people back to life. Sakura, I was asleep for two weeks. How the hell could you possibly do so much?"

I grin sheepishly, "I... kept myself busy."

She snorts, "Busy is an understatement."

I shrug, "and technically, all that happened in one week."

Her hand hits her face with a resounding smack and Kakashi chuckles from behind me, "always the busy one, eh?"

I nod, and a thought comes to my mind, my eyebrows furrowing.

"Oh my god, I can't believe I forgot... Kakashi, would you please activate your Sharingan to the... next level? I need to see something," I turn to him hoping with every fiber of my being that I was wrong.

It's gotta be a coincidence, right? There's no way...

But it would explain... so, so, much.

Kakashi shrugs and pulls up his headband proctor, his Sharingan blazing as the tomoe's spun, eventually stopping in a familiar pattern.

For a few moments, it's silent, then Kakashi pokes my cheek, his eyebrows were furrowed, "is everything alright?"

I blink, my eyebrows scrunching, "No."

I stand up and walk toward the window, "you- that eye was given to you, right?"

"Yes, why?" his voice was almost suspicious.

"But the other eye was intact."

"Well- yeah, the person wasn't though."

"Because his right side was crushed, but nothing fake cells molded to a body wouldn't fix."

"How do you know that? And- what do you mean? Sakura."

"Tobi. He- I've never seen him without his mask, but I once walked in when he didn't have a shirt— his entire right side was scarred and it was a completely different color than the rest of his body. He only shows his right eye-- a Sharingan with the same exact print as the one you have."

"There's no way, he would've-"

"No. He wouldn't have come back. Not if- not if the person who saved him manipulated him. How old was he? 12, 13? I mean, he had to have been half dead for a long time, and if you spend that long with one person who saved you, what do you think will happen? There's an actual physiological explanation for that, after a traumatic event we sometimes latch onto the person who saved us."

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