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Mr.CEO's Runaway Wife by whoiskim
Mr.CEO's Runaway Wifeby 𝑘𝑖𝑚𝑚𝑦 ☆
Walking up the stairs I hear-moaning? With brisk steps I open the door and what I see makes me lose my breath and say "What the hell?" Micheal looks up, stopp...
  • exwife
  • humor
  • man
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Various Females X Male reader by TofuSaler
Various Females X Male readerby TofuSaler
Ever wanted to know how the harem king came to be? Yes. Then read this and you'll know what he's been through to get to where he is now.
  • oneshot
  • women
  • yanderes
Female Cast Ideas by goldentatortots
Female Cast Ideasby goldentatortots
enjoy a book of beautiful women? (I'm not good with book descriptions) *still fixing the book so bear with me*
  • character
  • female
  • faces
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A FeMENist's Guide to Feminism by IVEYDOCX
A FeMENist's Guide to Feminismby Ivey
[A WATTPAD FEATURED STORY. FIRST PLACE YOUNG ADULT READS 2018] Beckett Carlisle is having a rough time. He's just trying to enjoy senior year, but the Feminism Alliance...
  • teenfiction
  • friendship
  • asiansinlit
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My Political Point Of Views~ by __BenShapirosWife__
My Political Point Of Views~by Carissa Shapiro
Political views of mine. This book will talk about my stance on the LGBT Community, Black Lives Matter+Poc Member problems, Feminism, Gun control, and so many more thin...
  • color
  • women
  • lgbt
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all good girls go to hell / billie x you by chokeonadick
all good girls go to hell / billie...by Ell // ur papi
"Dance!" She shouted, I watched as she freely dispersed into the area, holding a drink in her hand and throwing her body around in an oddly fashion, but it was...
  • lgbt
  • imagine
  • girl
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Pregnant with Niall's Baby Boy by Shaggy_Tumbler
Pregnant with Niall's Baby Boyby $haggy Tumbler
April Greens is a normal 18 year old girl. She loves movies and having fun.The only difference between a 18 year old and April is that she's going to be a mom. To make...
  • women
  • teenpregnancy
  • teenstories
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criminal masterminds by toxic_girl2002
criminal mastermindsby I'm amazing
A world where everything is stereotypical. Girls can't work and are treated as slaves. Boys always have the upper hand. A story where a 21 year old girl named Bree has t...
  • abuse
  • arrested
  • alchohal
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Reviving Sage (BWWM- Interracial Romance) by LazyExceptWhenEating
Reviving Sage (BWWM- Interracial R...by Complicated Womyn.
- Single Mom Sage Collins isn't really one for romance, and after being asked to be her bestfriends maid of honor - her hopes of being married by the age of thirty disap...
  • kids
  • relationship
  • women
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Enamoured | Paul Lahote by cupidberries
Enamoured | Paul Lahoteby -‘, P A I G E ,’-
Aaliyah Celise has been trained her whole life to kill the supernatural beings that plague the world with their darkness. She's struggled to accept the teachings that th...
  • hunter
  • quilateara
  • vampire
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Female by lastingsummit
Femaleby wolf queen
<COMPLETED> "You are weak, unstable, and arrogant! You are not a good wolf!" A laugh barked out of the Alpha's throat, shaking his head, eyes so bright...
  • wattys2016
  • wolves
  • hate
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Find Me A Man  by RaysofKays
Find Me A Man by K
First her mom left, she was only two. Then her dad left, she was only eight. And the cherry on top was when her best friend, Sierra Little, left with neither a good bye...
  • men
  • series
  • africanamerican
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Brooklyn Austin is Steve Stone Cold Austins Daughter Pride and Joy. She is the best women's wrestler fighting both genders and she is 28 years old. She has long dyed bro...
  • wwe
  • women
  • deanambrose
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Sisters of the Sands by JamesVillinger
Sisters of the Sandsby James Villinger
If you like The Hunger Games, X-men, and Dune then you'll love this! - - - 16-cycle old Sacet was once a child soldier for the Female Dominion. Along with an army of b...
  • souls
  • dystopian
  • superheroes
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Run by original_ly
Runby ♢i s y♢
"I won't go with you." I sneer at him, while trying my best to be intimidating. I fail miserably as he gives a dark chuckle and my confident façade starts to c...
  • romance
  • obsession
  • mafia
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Life as a Footballer by uswntlfcfan
Life as a Footballerby uswntfan♡
Kayla Swinney is a footballer for the US Women's National Team. Follow her along on her football life, personal life, and love life.
  • lifeasafootballer
  • liverpool
  • womenfootball
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The Girl in the Leather Jacket by PandorasWriter03
The Girl in the Leather Jacketby Pandora's_Writer
"Get the fuck away from me Xavier." I spat with venom laced in my words. "You can drop the charade Lilith." Xavier smirked as he barricaded me to the...
  • comedy
  • badass
  • highschool
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11:11: my kpop girl group by jeNO_THANKS
11:11: my kpop girl groupby kate🌸
i've always wanted to create my own kpop girl group. so i did :) began: 13/08/18 finish: ~~~~~~~~
  • girls
  • clc
  • pretty
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Stronger Than Pain by WeirderMum
Stronger Than Painby Marian Onukwufor
Highest Rank #61 Mum was struggling to breathe, her legs kicking hard as they shuffled on the floor. I pulled on dad's hands which gripped mum's neck but he was quick t...
  • love
  • feminism
  • conqueror
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OneShots by baayhoops
OneShotsby kiddo™
One shots about Janet Jackson & Other celebs :)
  • janetjackson
  • zendaya
  • fanfic
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