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4 days rolled by as I worked on physical strength- via my weights, my performance in stretches and kata stances, as well as expanding my chakra reserves.

I can almost do it second-handedly —expand my reserves— but sometimes need to start the process again.

As for my practical skills, I'd been reading to expand my knowledge of Fuinjutsu and Healing(as well as anatomy etc.).

The only thing I could do while I was out of my house for missions had 10-pound weights on each arm and leg and expand my chakra, or the kata stances in the 1 ½ hour before Sasuke or Naruto arrive.

Every day was pretty repetitive, but I was learning a lot, even if I was a little frustrated with myself.

Today, we had a pretty boring mission, per usual, but afterward, Kakashi pulled me to the side and told me that he would test me now(it was Friday, so it was now or never I guess).

He walked me to where 'my' training grounds were, even if they had been unused for a while, they were apparently, secret— and sat down, I sat about 3 feet in front of him and waited for him to begin.

"What is the first thing you do when you find someone dying?"


"First I look for any sign of life, then headband, if it's an ally or someone important, then I'd work to save them. I'd find the issue and match my chakra to their body and begin healing them. First close any major arteries that could be open, then stop any bleeding, and then everything else"

He nodded, insinuating I was correct. He continued on, "If two people are bleeding out of equal rank, who do you save first?"

"Easy, first asses both injuries as quickly as possible, whoever is more damaged, them first -if they are even salvageable- and don't finish all the way, make them stable then work on the other person. If they have the same amount of damage, just get started on one as quick as possible and try stabilizing them so the other person has a chance as well"

He nodded again, "When you are in a fight with someone what is your strategy?"

Humph, he's questioning your adaptability and seeing if you know your weaknesses and how to utilize them.

Oh, that's what these questions are?

Also your skills, but yes that's what it seems like.

"I'm a bit weak, and small, so I should rely on my brain and thinking to help me. Use knees and elbows, poke the eyes, fight dirty, and utilize my surroundings. Always try and end the fight the fastest, by either knocking them out with a good hit to the jaw, or immobilize them- through either a trap or any other way possible."

"Okay, good, now what, in your opinion, is your best strength, and worst weakness?"

I scrunch up my nose at that, but realize it's probably so that if he does decide to train me extra he can know where to start.

He already said he was gonna train you, stop doub-


"Weaknesses, I have a few. My lack of chakra sucks, but I can at least preserve it with my chakra control. So I'll have to go with my actual combat skills. Never really... trained before, unless academy counts."

A small laugh left his mouth, "Okay that's fixable, the academy really does need to do better when teaching fighting skills though, I don't blame you for that"

A small pressure left my shoulders when he said that, relieved that he doesn't blame me for my worst weakness.


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