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"Hello there puppy, are you one of Kakashi's?" I spoke lightly, scratching the nice puppy behind the ears.

"Well pup, if that's what you call a summon, then sure" his voice was slightly gruff and held a slight dog-like tone, if that even made sense.

I raised an eyebrow at the dog then smiled, "Oh! A summons, I've never met one before, what's your name?"

"Pakkun. Kakashi said your name is Sakura, right pup?"

"Mhm-- that's right"

After a moment of silence, he hopped onto the desk, offering me to pet him. I took him up on that offer, anything to fidget with my hands.

He started up a small conversation -distracting me successfully- and we talked for about 15 minutes before Kakashi came back in.

"Okay, I've got some food, are you hungry- or?"

"Yeah I could eat, thanks" I smiled at him, following him out into the kitchen.

Wait a minute--


Did that dog just, what even is the word? Emotionally support me? Is that a thing--

Inner laughed off in the distance and I internally rolled my eyes at her.

Kakashi stops at the table, sits down, and gestures for me to take a seat.

He takes my plate and puts some food on it, and I let him know when it's enough.

We start eating-- unfortunately, he takes bites too fast for me to see his face.

"So should we talk about-- well whatever that was?" I asked, really unsure about what was even happening. I was still slightly confused.

"Uhh- well, if you want to!" Poor guy does not know how to handle this-- to be fair neither do I. This is a new experience for both of us.

I slowly nodded, silence stretching for a few moments as I thought of what to say, "So what even happens now? I mean like legally I guess, and here too..."

He hummed, pausing for a few moments. "Well, technically you are a genin, and you can live on your own but you have to notify the Hokage... Uhh as for here, well I won't be forcing you out-- at least not anytime soon"

"Hm, okay, I'll try and visit the Hokage tomorrow to let him know. Try not to worry too much though,  I won't leech off of you forever!"

"Hey there's no rush, I'd prefer you to be safe than hurried." He spoke kindly, trying to make calming gestures with his hands.

I nodded at his words and gave a thank you.

He gave me some more reassurance and asked me if I'd prefer to sleep in the room on the mat or on the couch-- I was fine with sleeping on the mat.

He told me there were some clothes in the closet-- his old clothes from his teen years that I could wear(he assured me they were clean).

I thank him again and tell him I will be heading to bed for the day.

I lay out the mat, put on some of the blankets from the closet onto it, and changed into some of the clothes in the closet- It was slightly big but that's fine since I would just be sleeping in it.

I pulled out a book and tried reading, but decided I wasn't in the mood. I lay down and try my best to sleep.

I wake up feeling both tired and better, yesterday was emotionally exhausting, which is never fun to deal with.

I walk out into the kitchen, surprisingly Kakashi was awake and cooking food-- while reading his book.

You'd think since he was so late every day that he'd be sleeping in or something

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