Seals and creativity

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Naruto is about to yell out to them but goes quiet at Sasuke's glare. I stay staring, even after they pass- the boy had chakra like Naruto's...

We all decide to head to a restaurant, Naruto complaining along the way.

"Why didn't he wanna know my name?! What's so special about him anyway," He groaned, ending with a huff.

I shrug, "I 'dunno, maybe it has to do with the fact that he's the Kazekage's son."- and probably a jinchūriki, I don't say it out loud but I have a feeling I'm correct.

Wonder if that's why he looks half dead, does it not let him sleep?

Maybe his seal is faulty or something-- those two would be his older siblings. Judging by the way they obeyed and even slightly flinched at his words shows something is up.

Well. Shit. If his seal is faulty... who knows what could happen. Poor dude just needs some sleep-- even if he gets energy from chakra there is no way he isn't constantly in some sort of discomfort. Plus, being left alone with your thoughts for so long is unhealthy, I don't think he socializes much either.

Would it be too much to ask what seal Naruto has?

I doubt Naruto knows... but-- I can check the notes from the fourth Hokage, I believe one of them was a seal... It could possibly help us.

"Eh! Really?!" I snap back to reality as Naruto shouts in surprise.

I nod my head, "Yes, and those were his siblings...they're probably here to take the Chunin exams, if we run into them during the exams-- on second thought, let's do our best to stay clear of them in the first place."

Naruto nods his head, "that dude was itching to fight."

I snort, eating some of my ramen-yes we went to Ichiraku's- and agreeing with him.


On Wednesday, Sasuke joins Tenzo and I for training- Kakashi taking Naruto first.

He nods to Tenzo, who begins an explanation of our day.

"Okay, great-- first thing, I want you guys to spar... After that I'm going to work with you Sasuke, and I'll be teaching you how to shunshin-- Kakashi requested I teach you. Sakura, after your fight you can work on seals for the day, I know you'll be needing some for the exams."

We both nod and get into a stance. His eyes seem to glow from the Sharingan, he runs at me, throwing a left hook.

I move to the side, coming up next to him and using the arm he tried punching me with to put him in a standing arm lock. Within a second I spin- making him step out of balance, then I grab his wrist and twist making him flip onto the floor.

From there he tries to sweep at my feet, I jump as he pops back up-- landing just as he swung at me again.

I could see he was aiming towards a pressure point in my arm-- yes I've read too many anatomy books, I know bodies inside and out.

Oh I just got a good idea... Inner smirked as she spoke, I shake it off-- focusing on the fight.

I side block him, aiming a forward kick at his solar plexus, he sidesteps, hitting my leg as he moves.

I feel it go limp for a second and send chakra to fix it with no hesitation-- I'm able to use it before it has even touched the ground again.

Once my leg hits the ground, I spin on my heel, sending a kick at him from behind me; he ducks and sends a punch once back up.

After a good hour of sparring, Tenzo calls for us to stop. I gladly stop, panting.

Sasuke also pulls away, panting. He pays no mind to that, listening closely for what to do next.

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