The Kubikiribōchō

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A small smile graces my face, and once again, I take in my surroundings.

We eventually board a boat; I nervously step in, never having been in one before.

Nobody talks much, and we all kind of awkwardly stare, until Naruto shouts out.

"It's so big!" I suppress a smile-- muttering a 'that's what she said' under my breath. Sasuke looks at me with his eyebrows furrowed-- oops, I think he heard me.

I look away sheepishly, watching as Naruto gets whacked and scolded by Kakashi about shutting up a bit.

The driver of the boat lets us off, claiming it was the furthest he would go.

Bored I wonder how much further he would actually take us. Money can get you so far when you have a lotta it.

I jump out of my trance as Naruto throws his Kunai into a bush- I scowl as he says his apologies and goes to grab it; to which he pulls a white rabbit up instead.

It was then that I became aware of the chakra nearby-- it being well masked, and duck down as I hear the air swooshing- Kakashi calling for everyone to get down just as I start ducking. I apparently made the right call as a sword passes over where my head was previously at.

I look up and see a man, standing on top of his obnoxiously large sword. Then it hits me-- the reason why the sword is so obnoxious.

"Oh, my Kami! The Kubikiribōchō!" I exclaim excitedly.

"The whata-whata-what?!" Naruto asks, concerned. Sasuke looks as confused, but sighs at Naruto anyway.

Zabuza- the one who currently wields the sword, at least according to the Bingo books- looks at me, a glint of something in his eyes, "Well well, I see Pinky over here knows her stuff!"

"P- Pinky?"

Kakashi steps in front of me, distracting Zabuza and effectively starting up a conversation- which quickly leads to a fight.

Because that's what Ninja do.

Mist covers the surrounding area and Naruto Sasuke and I all stand in a protective stance around Tazuna.

Within the mist I feel an influx of chakra, I pull out my staff, swinging, and -- as soon as he appears the staff is less than an inch away, my staff hits the mark.

He swings his sword down at me, and I yelp jumping out of the way, discreetly putting a seal on the floor as I go.

I pop back up, "What's that?" I ask, pointing behind him, he turns for a second -already turning back angrily- and I activate the seal.

A colorless gas starts spreading and I move my team away-- pretending to be getting away from Zabuza. Of course, Zabuza starts following- so I do the most stupid thing I could do.

I suck up my pride and fangirl.

"Wow, Zabuza! You're so strong!! And your sword is sooo cool, it must be so heavy! I wouldn't want your precious arms to get tired, so if you ever need a hand," I wink at him, and he takes a step back, looking at me skeptically.


I take a step forward, "You're amazing, to think you have a 'flee on sight'- I think they meant to fall on sight, fall in love, that is," I bat my eyelashes at him as he takes another step back.

I take another one forward, launching myself onto him with a huge smile.

He's going to kill me.

Well, we lived a nice short life, at least the others will be safe.

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