Safe Space Place

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The Hokage sighs, and takes a step toward us, "That is not important. You guys passed, you have a little over four days to rest. Sakura, if you would please come with me for some more questions... we might be able to get a medic." he gives a small smile

I nod, walking after him- trying to calm my throbbing headache.

The boys try and complain, but Kakashi drags them away, and their protests grow quieter until I can't hear them.

The Hokage leads me into a room —calling an Anbu member over and asking them to grab a few people-- he looks at me apologetically, asking me to wait for a few minutes.

I nod, and sit down in one of the chairs in the room, taking out some medical supplies and cleaning my injuries in the meanwhile.

A few minutes later, Inoichi and Shikaku come into the room —looking at me curiously while asking the Hokage what he needed.

"Orochimaru broke into the village, Sakura," he gestured at me, "Saw, and fought him- and came out alive, I'd like you to help her recall it to the best of her abilities. So we can understand his motives more and how her survival came to be."

They nod, looking at me with confusion instead of curiosity.

"Okay... let's start from when you guys entered the exam— that's when everything started, correct?" Shikaku asked.

I nod, "basically... I mean our plan was to go in and then get as far away from the other teams and then make a plan... I brought us far away and we made a short plan and started running to the center- I noticed someone was following us."

I take a shaky breath, tired.

"I didn't think much of it at first, changing our path but they persisted. So I changed it again, and again, and again but they kept following us- then I started getting paranoid."

They nodded, Inoichi adding, "rightfully so."

"I figured that they had a target; they wouldn't be so persistent otherwise... I came to the conclusion that it wouldn't be me- I'm a civilian born and there's not much information that would be available that would make me seem special."

Shikaku hummed.

"But I couldn't tell whether they were after Naruto or Sasuke. I- I tried hiding our chakra," I take a shaky breath, closing my eyes. "But he just started speeding up, I knew we didn't have much time, and I had this feeling that he was stronger, I knew we wouldn't stand a chance even as a team."

I bite my lip, pausing.

"Uhm, then I took out a seal and sealed Naruto and Sasuke," Shikaku and Inoichi take a deep breath.

"Then I ran all the way to the tower, wishing to air that a team would make it before he did— I set up traps all around the area, and I hid myself as much as possible."

They nod, "what kind of traps, and how did you hide yourself?" Shikaku asked, looking at me with concerned eyes.

"Some seals that would disorient in different ways, and some handmade traps made for trapping. Uh I hid myself by masking my chakra and finding a place in the bushes and making the floor underneath deeper so I could see out but be hidden by the bushes and shadows."

I scratch my head thoughtfully.

"Anyways, he found me and asked me where Sasuke was. I played dumb, he launched me into some trees and tried again. I kept playing dumb and we played a game of cat and mouse... I found a genin team- stole their scroll before they realized and made my way into the finish area."

The sudden summary stuns them for a second, but Inoichi asks a question.

"So... how did you survive fighting him? No offence, but, he's a Sannin, so pardon my curiosity."

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