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We begin our trip back, taking our time rather than running this time. It gives me time to think.

Technically my first kill...  and yet it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

Yeah, well we got lucky, he was a shitty guy anyway, so it makes sense you don't feel bad. Just make sure you have the seal ready for anyone who doesn't actually deserve to die.

Yeah yeah, I know!

An arm nudges my side, "Darlin' we have an issue."

I turn to him and Itachi curiously. Neither were standing as if ready to fight, "Well what's the issue?"

"There are no restaurants nearby! And like, I can't cook for shit," he says with a pout.

I let out a laugh, "stay here and give me ten minutes."

He nods and sits on a log, Itachi doesn't sit, but doesn't keep moving.

I teleport to a restaurant near the Inn I first stayed at before Tobi came and got me —I've taken it upon myself to leave a Hiraishin seal across the places I travel, it's a great tactic for times like now!

I teleport back to them about twelve minutes later, food in hand.

I hold it up, "did someone want food? Or do I get it all"

Kisame grins and snatches a bowl out of my hand, "Hah! You wish darling!"

Rolling my eyes I hand a bowl to Itachi as well, taking a seat and eating my own food.

We make it back to the headquarters a few days later, I was riding Kisame's shoulders-- Itachi made a joke calling him weak, and I added on by saying he wouldn't be able to carry me the rest of the way, thus ending with him giving me a free ride.

Once inside, I sense two new chakra sources, making me grin in excitement. Tobi runs over to us once we arrive and tells us to follow him.

I stay seated as Kisame follows him.

He leads us to the living room, which actually had furniture!

Inside were two people one with his hair done in a similar manner to Ino's, making me smile-- the other was in a wooden suit- a puppet.

They both turn to us and the one with his hair done like Ino's-- Deidara, I believe, quickly stood up with his eye narrowed.

"Who the hell is she?!"

Tobi giggles and does jazz hands in my direction, "This is Sakura Haruno! Our newest member!"

This only seems to piss him off more, "What! I had to do so much to get into this organization, and she's just here?! She looks like she's ten too!"

My smile quickly turns into a scowl.

Kisame huffs, "She didn't 'just get here,' she had to fight me. Does it matter how old she is, she could kill you anyway."

I pat his cheek thankfully, "Now now, be nice bubs, I think he's just upset he isn't the youngest anymore."

I hop off his shoulders.

He looks between Kisame and I, "you fought him?

"Yup, is that such an issue?"

The other one -Sasori- speaks, "But you have so little chakra, I would mistake you for a genin."

I cross my arms, "Okay, I'm well aware of my chakra reserves, does every goddamn person have to point it out!" I huff, "look, my chakra control makes up for my lack of chakra. Anything you can do, I can do it with half the chakra."

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