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I wake up to Kakashi summoning his puppies on me, ultimately making me be crushed.

"Up and at 'em Sakura, the Hokage would like to see you!" He exclaims, walking out-- the dogs follow him.

I glare at the door, trying to fix my morning hair as I crawl out of my bed.

A smile overcomes my face-- yesterday was a good day. Ino and I started talking again, and it's been a while since I'd talked with another girl my age.

I open the door, making my way into the living room and kitchen area. Kakashi is standing by the stove making some food, I grin and set the table.

"D'ya know what she needs me for?" I ask curiously.

"Nope," He pops the p, "but I think it's good news."

I hum, peeking over his shoulder to see what he was cooking, and grab a small piece of tomato from the pan. He smacks my hand sending me a glare, "how dare you," He gasps.

I giggle and sit at the table-- he brings the food over a moment later and we sit in silence for a few moments.

"Today is the last day where it's just us... the house is going to be infested by tomorrow," I say, not sure whether to be excited or concerned.

"Yeah, by Mr.Gloomy and Mr.Loud no less," he says, snorting.

I laugh, kicking his leg, "oh be nice!"

Once finished I make my way to the Hokage tower, Kakashi in tow.

When we walk in, all the other team leaders are there and the Hokage is smiling at me.

I blink nervously, suddenly regretting every decision I ever made. Kakashi gives me a little push-in.

"Ah, you're here now Sakura! Let's get started then. I know you were just here yesterday, I apologize but I need to reevaluate." Tsunade says.

I'm the only student in here, making me sweat nervously. Tsunade begins to speak.

"Sakura Haruno, age, 12, civilian-born. Took the Chunin exams, and won against her opponent- who was an S-Ranked ninja. Not only that, she was taken to fight with the previous Hokage and was able to disarm and immobilize three S-Ranked ninjas, all with minimal damage."

My mouth opens just a crack as I stare at her, wondering where exactly, she was going with this. She continues.

"Sakura, if I could make you Jounin right now, I would. But there are only three ways to do that,-- you take the exam(which requires two recommendations from existing Jounin), two-- we have to be in war-time, which would be impossible at the moment. Or three, we do things my way. If everyone in this room says yes to you being a jounin by the end of this week- then you can be one. How does that sound?"

I blink, "wha- well I mean, if you're offering... does this include the Anbu?"

She grins ferociously, "Oh you're perceptive. It does, in fact."

Do it. You'll be able to do it, no doubt.

I was planning on it. Better than taking the exams, and it's probably a one-time offer.

I match her grin with one of my own, "Then it's a certain yes."

"Great, you have until next Monday, 9:30am." she says, getting back to the paperwork.

That's right, she has to organize the previous Hokage's death...

Must be difficult, he was her teacher I believe.

I turn around, seeing most of the room look at me curiously. A week. Okay.

Kakashi will probably vote for me already, but that means I have to convince Gai, Kurenai, Asuma, Iruka, Fumi, and the Anbu... Most of them should be easy enough, but...

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