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He stares at me and I stare back. He turns to Itachi, laughing with pleading eyes.

Itachi sighs, "We only need Naruto."

"Great, so I don't have to kill her," He grins, smacking my back roughly, making me take a step forward. "Oh! But I can do this!"

He picks me up and throws me over his shoulder, like a sack of potatoes.

Panicking I shriek —which turns into me laughing— as I teleport to my Hiraishin, which was right in the room.

He's even better than Zabuza, he flirts back!

I pop out of the room again, grinning, "while I appreciate the thought-- you are technically an enemy... trying to take my teammate, so, unfortunately, I can't really come with you."

He laughs again and I walk over to Naruto and Sasuke-- the latter of which was still glaring daggers at Itachi.

I poke his side, whispering in his ear, "Sasuke-- I respect your wishes, I really do-- but it'd be stupid to fight these two right now... we just need to protect Naruto."

He blinks, and turns to me, his eyebrows scrunched. He slowly nods and lets himself fall into the other side of Naruto in a more defensive stance.

"We don't want to fight, if you hand him over we'll leave peacefully."

I snort, "sorry buddy, but he's kinda my friend as well as my teammate."

Naruto nods grabbing my wrist and pulling me more forward, "What's wrong Sakura-- can't you just fight them?"

I blink as a nervous smile creeps up onto my face, "Ah, Naruto-- I'm not invincible... I don't think I'd win."

Naruto groans and rolls his eyes, "that's what you say every damn time!"

Kisame frowns -he's pouting- and speaks, "So you don't want to fight me Darlin'?"

I raise my eyebrow face turning red, "Correct, you are bubs."

"So would you prefer to dance?" He asks, completely serious as his face morphs into a grin.

I laugh, "call it what you want, who knows, maybe some other time-- I have other concerns at the moment though!" I snicker at his crestfallen face.

Itachi sighs and takes a step forward, Naruto yelps peeking over my shoulder. I pat his head.

"Look, we all know that if a full-out brawl happens here— nothing good will come out of it, let's save the fighting for another time," I say looking between the two, "What do you say bubs? Fight another time," I wink, "We can spend this time getting to know each other."

Itachi remains stoic, and Kisame brings his sword up, resting the hilt on his shoulder.

"Looks like it is bad timing for us both, perhaps we'll go out for tea another time if you don't die today, that is," He smiles sweetly-- I feel an influx of chakra next to me and throw Naruto back as I jump.

"Rude," I huff as his sword swings under me.

Sasuke speaks, "Should we get out of here?"

I think for a few seconds, "Get Jiraiya-- if Naruto's the target it's better to get him far away-- or at least to someone who can protect him better."

He nods and runs over to Naruto-- they both begin to run together, throwing me concerned glances.

Ah, well shit.

Are you a goddamn idiot? Why'd you send them off, Jiraiya would probably be here soon.

I have no time to answer, instead shunshining to dodge another swing of his sword.

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