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I do not let my guard down in any way shape or form, waiting for them to attack.

Which they do, unsurprisingly.

Kakashi jumps at me, throwing kicks and punches consecutively-- Tenzo stays back, waiting. As Kakashi throws even more punches and kicks, he comes in again, with a roundhouse kick, I duck but am unable to dodge Kakashi's punch to my face.

2 broken noses, in one day.

Again I jump around and they follow me-- unfortunately they catch me before I can activate another explosion, Kakashi grabbing my wrist.

"That trick won't work again." Kakashi states-- I don't reply, because he throws me into a tree.

I don't even bother trying to get up, I shunshin away-- trying to regain my now darkening vision.

I pant heavily, masking my chakra and healing myself.

Again, I close any bleeding wounds and fix my nose. I clear up one of my inner arteries-- I was bleeding and didn't want to hemorrhage, and I healed some of the bruises before they could fully become bruises.

I wince at my low chakra reserves-- I'll probably be out soon.

I shake my head, hopping up and grabbing a few more seals-- setting some more traps. I used the hearing one again, this time it would be slightly stronger. The way they worked is they would slowly take effect and each one would be stronger-- so that way the changes would be subtle and harder to resist.

Because when something is slowly building up, you don't notice until it's already breaking.

I put several more of the light ones all around the area, hoping one would go off in the midst of fighting them.

I hide again, not moving, not blinking-- and barely breathing.

Eventually they find the new clearing I'm in- fortunately passing over the sound seal again- and begin searching for me.

Although I have to resort to petty tactics and running away, I can actually hold a long fight-- as long as they aren't insanely strong and... well, it depends on my luck as well.

I bring my arm back, three-pronged kunai in hand, ready to throw the moment one steps on the light seal.

This time Kakashi steps on it -I do exactly what I did for Tenzo- I jump up, hitting him with my staff, making sure to grab his wrist and pull -using that moment to discreetly put a seal on him as well.

He doesn't get knocked out by this, but it notifies Tenzo, who, on his way over happens to step on one as well —if the heavens didn't love me today I would be screwed— and I appear behind him, whacking his neck.

He also does not pass out, but he stumbles, and I can tell that his vision is blacked out, I use that moment to take my tanto out, slashing at him.

Kakashi comes, kicking me in my side-- I would have went flying if I didn't already know he was coming; instead I put chakra over my side and to my feet, letting it knock me upside down- as I was unable to dodge.

I hang from the tree, and Tenzo and Kakashi join me in hanging upside down. They throw punches and kicks, and I focus on just trying not to die.

Or fall— as all of us are fighting while sticking upside down to the tree.

Oh, and not that they'd kill me, but I'd probably accidentally kill myself.

I weave between their hits, using my staff to try and block, or at least knock them back-- which unfortunately has little effect on them. I wince when a fist makes contact with my shoulder, effectively dislocating it. I hop down to the floor, setting it in place as I fall; Kakashi and Tenzo both following and attacking the moment we land.

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