Fatal Addiction (Itachi Uchiha) by LAVENDER-SCOTT
Fatal Addiction (Itachi Uchiha)by lavender ☤
if it doesn't burn a little, what's the point of playing with fire? - (bridgett devoue) Minato Namikaze's younger sister, Kana, joins the S-Rank criminal organisation kn...
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The True Me by Mystic_Nightmare
The True Meby Mystic_Nightmare
Naruto has been taking abuse from the villagers for time and time again. He sick and tired of it all. When Naruto is 2 and running from the villagers after giving him a...
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  • team7
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Torn [ Itachi x reader x kakashi ] by IvelissHatake
Torn [ Itachi x reader x kakashi ]by MRS. HATAKE
(y/n) Uchiha joined the anbu black ops after her former lover Itachi Uchiha assassinated the entire clan , also attempting to kill you as well . With a broken heart (...
  • action-adventure
  • kakashixreader
  • naruto
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Kakashi-Sensei is the Jealous Type by tailgate-stars
Kakashi-Sensei is the Jealous Typeby Lena
(Kakashi x reader) (sensei x reader) Kakashi let out a deep sigh, and reached out to ruffle your hair. "You know, (y/n), I've had my eye on you for a while now.&qu...
  • tsunade
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Nerdy by riyadesu
Nerdyby Hana
[Sasuke X Reader] It was meant to be a joke at first. But when he got to know her, she was the nerdiest girl at school with an attitude parallel to his own, or maybe eve...
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  • uchiha
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Rēbørn - A Naruto Fanfiction  by aaliswalker
Rēbørn - A Naruto Fanfiction by Aalis Walker
Tsuki-Yomi. She was reborn and asked to chose a power of choice. Now she is given a chance to start from the beginning. What will she change? How will she change the wo...
  • ninja
  • itachi
  • romance
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Kana Hatake by YeahKayda
Kana Hatakeby Kana Hatake
Kana's had a rough life, her mother died when she was three years old whilst her foster-parent has abused and mistreated her as long as she could remember. On the other...
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☆☆ Akatsuki boyfriend scenarios ☆☆ by Rita304
☆☆ Akatsuki boyfriend scenarios ☆☆by Rita304
Hey guys ! there are alot of these around but i wanted to write my own. y/n is your name. f/n is your family name. the characters in the story are Pein - Hidan - Kakuz...
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Spirit of the beasts by loversofnaruto
Spirit of the beastsby The Kakashi fans
Thousands of years ago, there were two great beasts that roamed the world.. A wolf and a fox. They lived in a world of chaos with The shinobi of that disposed them.. Thi...
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Minato's Daughter by ForeverDreamer37
Minato's Daughterby ForeverDreamer37
Minato and Kushina had another kid before they had Naruto, a daughter they named Miyuki. She was put in her father's own team with Rin Nohara, Obito Uchiha, and Kakashi...
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Catch a Falling Star by LivyLovesStories
Catch a Falling Starby VenomLily
During the war against Alveraz, Lucy sacrificed her life for her guild. They all thought she died, but what if she didn't? Instead, she ended up in a different dimension...
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  • fairytail
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Play Thing » Akatsuki Fanfic by kingrosari
Play Thing » Akatsuki Fanficby angιe
[ Story Not Edited ] Chidi Kasunomi is a plain average girl with nothing special about her except her beauty. She caught Pein's attention and he knew he had to have her...
  • kisame
  • tobi
  • itachiuchiha
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Konohagakure's Jack The Ripper by Gh05tW0lf
Konohagakure's Jack The Ripperby Gh05tW0lf
I do NOT own NARUTO or any of it's charecters or the picture on the cover, NARUTO belongs to Masashi Kishimoto. In this story Naruto is forced to go every day through...
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Icha Icha Paradise by IchaIcha1
Icha Icha Paradiseby IchaIcha1
After the attacks by Orochimaru and the Sand, Konoha’s population is dangerously low. Desperate times call for extreme measures, and Tsunade issues a priority S class mi...
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Naruto Mpreg fanfic Naruto's gift by animebabe13
Naruto Mpreg fanfic Naruto's giftby Airi yuki
Naruto was alone for as long as he could remember he never had parents he never had siblings he knows that he will change the way he is being treated someday but he wish...
  • mpreg
  • team7
  • adventure
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The Akatsuki's babysitter (Reader insert) by Awesomelemonaids
The Akatsuki's babysitter ( Awesomelemonaids
(Y/n) is a rogue ninja who lives alone in the forest. One day when she was walking home from a nearby village she saw some ninja harassing a group of kids. (Y/n) steps i...
  • readerinsert
  • tenten
  • kisame
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The Uzumaki Twins | Believe It! by rave_ren
The Uzumaki Twins | Believe It!by Author
[Naruto x Reader Various] In this bizarre world of shinobi there lived two extremely clumsy, knuckleheaded ninjas; also know as the Uzumaki Twins. They were inseparab...
  • shino
  • romance
  • hinata
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Pervy Sensei (Kakashi x Student! Reader lemon) by Jiasumin2
Pervy Sensei (Kakashi x Student! Jasmine
You are the fourth member of team 7, Kakashi's student. You are a powerful ninja, fully capable of moving on Anbu, but you have decided to stay in training, craving huma...
  • lemon
  • explicit
  • fanfic
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The Lives Worth Saving (Naruto Fanfic) by Hajime_saitoc3
The Lives Worth Saving (Naruto Hajime.saito
Uzumaki Naruto, 26 years old and undoubtedly one of the few remaining shinobi still alive after 10 long years of war, lay dying in the midst of a bloody battlefield. Wit...
  • past
  • anime
  • wattys2018
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A Shinobi's Will by YamchaPlayz
A Shinobi's Willby Yamcha Playz
Naruto is tried of his sensei's not truly helping him. Jiraiya only trains him using the kyuubi chakra, Kakashi never even showing signs of helping, and everyone else ab...
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