The Uzumaki Twins | Believe It! by rayvenxxlove
The Uzumaki Twins | Believe It!by Author
[Naruto x Reader Various] In this bizarre world of shinobi there lived two extremely clumsy, knuckleheaded ninjas; also know as the Uzumaki Twins. They were inseparab...
  • sakura
  • kiba
  • shikamaru
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Necessary Evil by IrisEvergreen
Necessary Evilby IrisEvergreen
Ten years after the exile of Naruto Uzumaki, Konoha wants him back. Naruto is happy that he can enter the land of fire without getting executed. Too bad there is more to...
  • kyubi
  • yaoi
  • naruto
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The Forgotten Son by JoynalAbdin
The Forgotten Sonby Joynal Abdin
Born as the oldest, as the child of prophecy, and born with the potential to become great. A child grows from being forgotten to a legend, without the love or warmth of...
  • neglect
  • twin
  • action
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Gaara's Wolf - Thrust into the Naruto World by Fangirl1584
Gaara's Wolf - Thrust into the Fangirl1584
Because this story has over 1,000 hearts on Quotev, I decided to try my luck here. Hope you enjoy!! I was just a normal girl, watching anime in my breaks from school. Th...
  • pet
  • ốc
  • temari
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Little Monster| Naruto and Tokyo Ghoul Crossover by Weeaboo_central
Little Monster| Naruto and Tokyo Weeaboo_central
~This was written a while ago and title is cringy, but I think it's a decent story~ Constant hunger. That is all I felt, until something changed. I remember growing up i...
  • fanfiction
  • gory
  • shikamaru
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The Wish of a Wandering Soul by notagoodwriter_14
The Wish of a Wandering Soulby notagoodwriter_14
The Rookie 9, Team Gai, and their respective senseis are going out on a bonding, "get to know each other," vacation trip for the week. Luckily for Naruto, this...
  • sasuke
  • neji
  • kyuubisdefeatfestival
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Stuck In Naruto World ^-^ | Book 1| by I_Am_A_BTS_Lover
Stuck In Naruto World ^-^ | Book 1|by #PlusUltra
"What would it be like to for once leave the real and live in a world you always wanted to live in..." ------- Follow Sakamoto, Yuki. A 12 years old girl with...
  • yuki
  • anime
  • adventure
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Survival (A Naruto Fanfic) [Completed] by krimson_
Survival (A Naruto Fanfic) [ krimson_
An experiment subject. That's all Yoru's life was defined as until she escaped Orochimaru's lethal experiments. Her lust for blood along with an accident soon brought he...
  • yamato
  • orochimaru
  • dojutsu
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A Couple Steps Back by ANBU_Black_Ops
A Couple Steps Backby ANBU Black Ops
They failed, and they weren't proud of it either. With nobody left to save, and nothing left to do, the three men have given up all hope. Obito and Madara and merciless...
  • choji
  • shikamaru
  • gaara
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The Red Flames by laurenlopes67
The Red Flamesby laurenlopes67
Hotaru has trained with the Akatsuki for 3 years, she became stronger than most of the members in there and created some jutsus that she can now call their one. She is n...
  • uzumakinaruto
  • uzumakinarutofanfiction
  • uzumaki
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Sasuke x Reader - Slow Love by Fraistel24
Sasuke x Reader - Slow Loveby Fraistel24
(Y/N) Aiyakami, a girl with whom the whole village is in love. Her parents left her at a young age, but she had everyone from the village, at least she thought so. Then...
  • readerxsasuke
  • insertreader
  • sasukexreader
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The work of fate by Scarlet_wind_2101
The work of fateby Scarlet_Wind
When Obito dies by Kuguya's attack he though he would wake up in heaven or hell..not his old bedroom from when he was 13 years old, in his 13 year old body (Obirin) AU T...
  • kakashi
  • death
  • obito
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Father becomes Son by SakuraHeicho
Father becomes Sonby WhiteKitty44
Kurama sends Naruto back to change the fate of the world. What Naruto didn't expect was to wake up as a female, let alone have red hair. However this wasn't the worst pa...
  • kushina
  • naruto
  • motherlylove
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I Give Up by GoddessOfBlack89
I Give Upby Chieko Urimeshi
Naruto was sick and tired of his village treating him like trash. Not grateful that he saved them in the Fourth Shinobi War, instead they feared him more. Sasuke came ba...
  • team7
  • hokage
  • runaway
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Yuki Uzumaki (Naruto's Sister) by black_wing_angel
Yuki Uzumaki (Naruto's Sister)by Genesis Pérez
Yuki Uzumaki Namikaze is the older sister of Naruto Uzumaki. She retired from all positions as a shinobi and has only one goal in live: to look after Naruto. What will h...
  • sasuke
  • sakura
  • narutofanfic
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bold (naruto Various x reader) by i_am_bored432
bold (naruto Various x reader)by o jee
your name is y/n and you are a jashin worshipper. but thats really all you know. Haku convinced zabuza To take you with them to 'use your immortality as a weapon' but yo...
  • pain
  • sakura
  • itachi
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Girl On Fire [Naruto Fanfic] (Completed) by Fallen_Angel_Otaku_
Girl On Fire [Naruto Fanfic] ( Fallen_Angel_Otaku_
A flower that blooms within the darkest of nights with fire dancing with glee. The flames of beauty and passion. Embracing it's true nature. They have a name for this sp...
  • sakuraharuno
  • action
  • sasukeuchiha
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Boruto - A journey in the past by ReaderWriting12
Boruto - A journey in the pastby ReaderWriting12
Boruto, Sarada and Mitsuki are on a mission when they came across a scroll on their way, Boruto touches the scroll and realized he made a terrible mistake. (I don't own...
  • past
  • future
  • boruto
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What Others Don't See-Naruto Fanfic- by shipmaster2005
What Others Don't See-Naruto ships_of_all_ships
Naruto, a cute, small, child who only wants to be loved but only gets hate from the village. Will he hate the village or will the village see their mistakes before it's...
  • sasuke
  • kushina
  • cute
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Torn [ Itachi x reader x kakashi ] by IvelissHatake
Torn [ Itachi x reader x kakashi ]by MRS. HATAKE
(y/n) Uchiha joined the anbu black ops after her former lover Itachi Uchiha assassinated the entire clan , also attempting to kill you as well . With a broken heart (...
  • lovestory
  • kakashihatake
  • itachiuchiha
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