Day one.

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I woke up early the next day, 5 AM on the dot, to be exact.

I ate a quick breakfast and gathered all the tools that I usually had during a fight.

I then went and healed myself some extra— although I was much healthier, there were still some lingering issues from my fight.

Mainly my arm and rib.

Then I head to the training grounds 10 minutes early and walk around placing seals all over, because Ninja are predictable— If it's a test, there's a fight.

I stop a minute before 6 and patiently stand there, waiting for him to appear.

I feel an influx of chakra behind me, and I mean directly behind me, making me shunshin a few feet away, I turn around to see him appear and give me a chilling smirk.

"Well, at least you pay attention. A lot of Jounin forget to do that," he barked out a laugh, and I briefly wondered how many Jounin he's tried to do that to.

"Here's how this'll go. We'll fight, I'll ask you questions, and then I'll ask you even more questions. Psychological questions."

I hum in affirmation.

I pull out my staff, just barely taking it out when he jumps at me. I coat my arm with chakra, just barely keeping myself from being thrown by the punch.

He throws a kick at me -I send a sliver of chakra at his occipital lobe- and I don't bother blocking or dodging all the way, instead coating a thick layer of chakra to dull the impact.

I duck under his next punch, swinging my staff at him. He catches it and attempts to knee me; I shunshin behind him, kicking.

I send another sliver of chakra and he appears next to me, my kick falling through the air.

He grabs my arm, pulling and flipping me.

As soon as my back hits the floor I send another sliver of chakra and I make a pillar of wood rise up.

He jumps back, his face carefully blank.

I do a kip up, throwing the Hiraishin at him, It wooshes past him, and as soon as it does I teleport, throwing a kick at his neck while sending a sliver of chakra into his mind.

(Talk about mentally busy)

He slightly moves away from the kick- still being grazed by it, and throws a kick at my abdomen in retaliation. I gather chakra in my stomach, grabbing his foot before he can pull it away and shoving it in his direction.

He bounces backwards, barely keeping himself upright. His hands form some hand seals, and a grin grows on his face.

Well, fuck.

I jump back —dodging the dagger which he summoned, that was swinging at my face. It ends up slashing my cheek to which I instantly feel the burn.

I crouch low to the ground and swipe his feet with my staff, adding chakra to make the swing stronger.

I let go of the staff as soon as he jumps, letting it fly across the field, and pull out my Tanto, jabbing at his stomach.

He blocks with his own dagger, throwing a kick at my sternum as soon as he lands. Even with a layer of protective chakra it knocks the air out of me-- but at this point I'm more used to not breathing in a fight than breathing.

I send a sliver of chakra into his mind, jumping back.

He steps on a light seal as he follows me so I shunshin behind him- kicking his back and shunshining away as I send another sliver of chakra.

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