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"I'm going to fix up a schedule for you, but for now I'm going to have someone practice sparring with you every day, Naruto, Sasuke, or myself of course. It's to my understanding that you wear those weights with seals, which is great. Keep doing that, increase every day if you can. Even just a pound or two is okay, but give yourself short breaks from increasing on the weekends."

I nodded again, starting to pick up my belongings and organize them, ready to pack up to go home-- clearly, we were almost done here.

"Anyway, I'll walk you home and have a chat with your parents about this"

"Oh- okay" no emotion was in my tone, I think I was still just mentally shocked that I had "passed" his tests.

A few seconds later and I began silently smiling and getting all giddy inside.

Gah, there's no need to be that shocked. I'm telling you, you aren't as bad as you think you are!

That's a lie and we both know it.

Outer. You literally have 100th percentile chakra control, your memory is incredible, you learn so fast-- and we're like, as smart as the Nara's.

Doesn't that just make me a paper ninja? I'm still weak and lack fighting skills.

Exactly what Kakashi is going to help you with! Plus your main issue is your flinching. Other than that you just need to work on things other people do-- you're ahead in basically everything else.

My face ever so slightly warms because of all the compliments from inner and a small pressure lifts from my heart even if I disagree with her. It's nice having someone believe in you.

"Ne- Kakashi, what's so interesting about me-- I mean why teach me, and not Sasuke or Naruto?" I look at the floor kicking rocks as I spoke, not really wanting him to realize how embarrassed I was for asking another stupid question.

"Hm? Well, even though you had no extra guidance, or anything that the boys have, you still came out top of your class-- hell you made wood, just with a few words of advice. That alone is incredible. You need to start believing in yourself some more Sakura" he spoke in a matter-of-fact tone.

I nodded, looking up at him with a thankful smile.


We reached my house.

Before I could reach my hand out to open the door, it opened itself, or, rather my parents opened it.

Have they been waiting here for me? This whole time?


"Mother, Father" I nodded to them.

They paid me no mind, only addressing my teacher, "I'm sorry you had to put all that extra effort in, we will make sure she does something more... suiting to her skills."

A pang went off in my chest, they expected me to fail.

Oh no they did not! How dare they?!

In hindsight I saw it coming, I knew they only reason they let me get tested was in hopes of my incessant failure of Taijutsu.

"Actually, she passed, she actually did better than I thought, she really undermines herself" My teacher spoke, in a passive-aggressive tone. I could tell he was thinking exactly how I was.

"She passed? Why." My mother asked, less of a question and more of a demand.

"Well, she has a lot of incredible skills, which she demonstrated in a real-life situation. Although it seems like she may not be capable, I think her lack of training and guidance in the academy is what made her that way. She has proven otherwise from her own training, and I think she can do more with a helpful teacher."

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