Brains and Genjutsu

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I get home that night and find only myself, so I begin to make some food for Kakashi and I. Shortly after I begin cooking, Kakashi arrives home with a small sigh.

He seems tired and his hair was a mess-- I walk up to him, noting the bruises and abrasions scattered about.

"My my, what happened to you?" I asked.

He sighed, "We tried something... different, and it pushed him to a point of using a different chakra."

He didn't expand any further, so I asked more questions.

"The tailed beast's chakra?" this caused him to tilt his head at me, and I continued, "I thought he couldn't call upon it... what on earth did you do?"

"Do I want to know how you know about that?" He avoids the question making me sigh.

"It's all in the rumors and in my ability to sense chakra... I would have been able to tell something was up even without rumors."

I try not to ask more questions about his day-- he'd let me know if it mattered.

He hums, pulling out his book and sitting at the kitchen table, I check on the food and then heal his injuries-- there was nothing major, in fact, he had less than I did whenever we fought.

He mutters thanks, which I smile at-- asking him to set the table as I finish cooking.

When we're both sitting and eating a thought comes to mind.

"Oh! I almost forgot, I made a seal for Naruto's bow, I'm not 100% it works, but it can't hurt to try..."

"What kind of seal?" he paused eating for a moment, looking at me curiously.

"Right! it's an original seal, what it does is allows his to use chakra to make arrows, that was he doesn't have to carry arrows and he has something to do with his chakra... it will probably help with chakra control too, so thats a bonus!"

"Thats... impressive, since he'll be with you tomorrow, try putting the seal on his bow, and for the love of god do not let him try it with no instructions."

"Does that have something to do with today?"

He continued eating, making me shrug and finish up my food as well.


The next day, Naruto and I sparred for an hour, just like Sasuke and I the previous day... He was easier to fight than Sasuke, so I had an easy time-- leaving me shocked at my improved skills.

I could see Naruto improving as we fought, which made me proud of him.

At the end of the hour, Tenzo was going to take Naruto and help him with chakra control and aim for his bow and arrow.

Before Naruto could start I asked him if I could add something to the bow-- he handed it to me with no question.

I smiled, letting him know I'd give it back in a few minutes. He just nodded, attempting to listen as Tenzo ranted about chakra control and it's importance.

I move out of the way and pull out the seal, applying it onto the bow and sealing it on with chakra.

I then stand up and channel earth chakra into it- My eyes widen at the arrow that forms before my eyes, I add some more chakra and release. The arrow flies through the air, hitting and breaking through two trees before getting lodged into the last one, and dissolving into regular dirt.

Oh shit!

I take the time to test all the elements, just to make sure there were no issues; thankfully there were none, but about 20 trees were damaged in the process.

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