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I wake up the next morning sprawled out on Naruto's floor, I stand up, stretching my aching bones.

Neither Naruto nor Sasuke are awake yet, so I make some food for the three of us, checking to make sure I had all the supplies I would need for the Chunin exams in my bags.

Afterward, I set the table- making my way to Naruto's room, where the boys were.

Sasuke was just waking up, he sent a nod my way- I returned with a smile and a wave, walking over to Naruto to wake him up.

"Naruto, it's time to wake up." I shake his shoulder.

He moves away, grumbling.

"Naruto. Wake up."

Again there was no reaction, I sighed.

"Naruto, the Chunin exams are today, you gotta wake up!"

That seemed to do the trick, Inner giggles.

I move back, alarmed by how fast he shoots up.

I shake my head, "breakfast is ready by the way, so come on out so we can all eat."

Sasuke and I make our way to the kitchen, Naruto waking up and using the bathroom.

Soon enough Naruto stumbles in, grinning at the sight of the food. We all eat, and during eating, I talk, "You guys have enough of everything, right?"  they both nod and I continue, "Kunai, shuriken, traps-- and any other personal tools..." I trail off, a thought coming to my mind, "If you need more space I have extra storage seals, just say the words."

They both nod, signaling they were prepared-- which made me smile, I ignored the unsettling feeling bubbling up in my stomach.

Nerves. That's what it is.

Never ignore your intuition, Outer.

Eventually we find ourselves in front of the building for taking the Chunin exams, Kakashi waiting, "Good morning my precious Genin-- are you guys ready?"

Naruto nods excitedly, I hum under my breath and Sasuke gives a slight jerk of his head.

Kakashi claps his hands together, "great! Make your way to the room on the papers," He hands us new papers, "and good luck."

He gives us all a head pat, making us smile. Before he leaves, I pull him into a hug, muttering out a big thanks.

We march into the buildings, heads held high.

As we move I feel someone else's chakra creeping into me- I block it before the Genjutsu takes it's effect, grabbing Naruto and Sasuke's arm and canceling the Genjutsu from them. I pull them up the stairs ignoring the other team -is that a Hyuuga?- and stopping in front of the exam room.

I let go of their arms, taking a deep breath. We all nod at each other and walk in.

Inside is... rambunctious, the other teams that had graduated with us approached us-- Ino making sure to make her nickname for me known.

I don't pay her —or any of the other Genin—any mind, surprisingly enough. I pull on Naruto and Sasuke's sleeves and glance at the desks. They both took the hint and we made our way over to sit at some random tables.

To distract my nerves —and so I didn't have to listen to the grey haired man talking to the other Konoha Genin—I played with my fingers, using my thumb to tap each finger before repeating.

I close my eyes and take some deep breathes trying to calm my nerves, but my chest started hurting- I keep breathing, looking for a distraction.

There's the kid with red hair again, Gaara, sitting in the corner brooding-- his sand is messing with his hands.

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