Identidades perdidas by LoesDiaz
Identidades perdidasby Yedra
Una anciana demente, un inmigrante africano y una mujer sin techo. Entre ellos no hay nada en común, excepto su pérdida de identidad y el trato condescendiente que recib...
  • sakura
  • japon
  • intriga
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Who is Naruto? by nightastroz
Who is Naruto?by Astro
This is who Naruto is.
  • jinchuuriki
  • masashikishimoto
  • teamseven
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love on the internet  by saskenards
love on the internet by Yaoi is everything!
Naruto meldet sich bei Tumblr an und erstellt seinen ersten eigenen Blog im Internet. Es dauerte nicht lange da stieß Naruto auf einen depressiven Jungen namens Sasuke...
  • sasunaru
  • sakuraharuno
  • yaoi
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(Naruto fic) Nghìn lẻ một đêm by hamstermouse1997
(Naruto fic) Nghìn lẻ một đêmby hamstermouse1997
Một người mẹ kể những câu chuyện cổ tích do mình tự trải nghiệm và biên soạn cho hai cậu con trai sinh đôi
  • neji
  • itazumi
  • sakura
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{BH}{SakuraxIno} Đợi..! by thanhtuyenps123
{BH}{SakuraxIno} Đợi..!by thanhtuyenps123
thể loại: Bách hợp Độ tuổi: Cứ biết đọc là được Nhân vật thuộc về Kishimoto Masashi nhưng trong fic này số phận họ là do tác giả quyết định
  • bh
  • oneshot
  • ino
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The Nikiforovs by drgharris
The Nikiforovsby drgharris
My fanfiction,"The Nikiforovs", follows Viktor, Yuuri, and their three children, Natalia, Vincent, and Sakura throughout their day-to-day lives. This fanfictio...
  • yuuri
  • yurionice
  • puberty
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NaruHina Shippuden by OrenjiRabenda
NaruHina Shippudenby A Kunoichi Writer
Just right after the Fourth Great Shinobi War and the release from the Infinite Tsukoyomi, Naruto and Hinata find themselves confronting another problem. Due to the lack...
  • saiino
  • kages
  • naruto
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The shy ninja by SilentNightAlone
The shy ninjaby **Silent Nights**
My shyness is worse then Hinata's i swear, my name is Luna Lajila and I just moved into the leaf village few weeks ago due to some accident of my past. I'm not the type...
  • love
  • rocklee
  • naruto
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UNA ROSA PODRIDA - SasuSaku {Poema en prosa} by GeralUchiha16
UNA ROSA PODRIDA - SasuSaku { GeralUchiha16
Ella no era lo que todos imaginaron, en su mente nada era normal, todo tomaba un giro escalofriante y lúgubre. Él estaba dispuesto a ayudarla, pero jamás imagino lo que...
  • sasukeuchiha
  • sasusaku
  • sakura
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Little Neko Girl-Sasuke's other daughter by Kagura-Tamarei-1900
Little Neko Girl-Sasuke's other
Spielt in Boruto^^
  • kakashi
  • gaara
  • sarada
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Ask Or Dare Naruto Characters by THECANDYQUEEN101
Ask Or Dare Naruto Charactersby THECANDYQUEENOFCANDY101
Just ask or dare something man....That's it. OK BYE ! MAKE SURE YOU ADD SOMETHING DIRTY IN THERE ! (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • hinata
  • yaoi
  • kakashi
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Los sentimientos de sasuke FANFIC by tutoskawaii
Los sentimientos de sasuke FANFICby tutos kawaii
?su regreso remueve sentimientos que nunca había sentido celos ,amor y angustia es lo único que tiene en mente como podrá resolver lo que en verdad siente por ella.? Est...
  • fanfic
  • romance
  • fanficsasusaku
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Shining Better In The Dark by ANBU_Black_Ops
Shining Better In The Darkby ANBU Black Ops
At the age of twelve, Sakura Haruno had unexpected encounter that changed her perspective of the world. Even if the world seemed so ugly, she believed her new found ligh...
  • sasuke
  • sasukeuchiha
  • sakuraharuno
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Switched  by Luna1_1kun
Switched by Luna1_1kun
A story where sasuke is like Naruto and Sakura is like Hinata. So enjoy
  • nine
  • hinata
  • sakura
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Light //Sasuke Uchiha// by lesleykep
Light //Sasuke Uchiha//by lesleykep
That's what happens when your heart breaks you tell yourself no one will ever be allowed inside again ------------- Sasuke Uchiha had one thing in mind, revenge. That i...
  • akamaru
  • sasukeuchiha
  • naruto
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Under The Sakura Tree [Reader x Sakura] by _KayRose_
Under The Sakura Tree [Reader x _KayRose_
This is originally a male readerxSakura Haruno, but seeing that there is no gender specification for the reader in this story, females are welcomed too! So, it's a read...
  • suicide
  • anime
  • sakuraxreader
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moonlight.  by milquekey
moonlight. by beebeegee
"Moonlight is proof that there will always be light in the darkness." After years of traveling to atone for his sins, Sasuke Uchiha finally returns to Konoha...
  • fanfiction
  • love
  • sasusakufanfiction
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SCIRYL - Memory by dwikila
SCIRYL - Memoryby dwikila
I remeber U - Lane
  • sakura
  • lyrics
  • one-shot
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Life Without You by Midnight_Fallout
Life Without Youby ⭐️Midnight~Sama⭐️
Sakura Hurano Head Doctor at Konoha Haru no Hana hospital struggles to develop a cure for a deadly plague in Tokyo and spreading.until she is requested to go to America...
  • sasusaku
  • hate
  • sakura
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