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I'm sent flying through what I think is 3 trees, and this time, I really do throw up— which makes for a struggle when you're also gasping for air.

I hear them coming and without looking I shoot beams of wood at the pair, trying to pull myself together.

I see a foot coming towards my face, I blink, bringing forward a wall of chakra- similar to when I was first delving into the topic- and making it thick as fuck.

His foot doesn't break through, but I do have to roll out of the way anyway— his brother coming to kick my back.

I Kip-up, punching the second Hokage in the face —with the aid of chakra— mentally thanking that they were able to restrain themselves.

He stumbles back a few feet, and I grab the first Hokage by the arm, shunshining us to the place of the seal.

I finish placing the last layer and move to place it on him, praying to the Gods it would work.

I find that the seal works when his brother comes out of nowhere, effectively jumping straight into the seal and disappearing.

Both the first Hokage and I stare at the seal in shock, Rasa laughing in the background.

Shit okay, I've gotta make another, but I don't think I'll have time— I duck under a punch— he's basically a puppet right now.

Outer— are you an idiot.

I jump over a leg sweep, throwing my leg out towards his face to kick him.

Not appreciating the insults Inner.

What do you specialize in that basically makes puppets?

I almost smack my face in exasperation, instead, bringing my arm up to block the Hokage.

I bring my other hand up to his face, sending out a huge burst of chakra into his brain.

It's not an injury, so it won't heal, and it'll stop him from trying to hurt me... I hope.

He falls backwards, blinking before looking at his hand, flexing and unflexing it.

Rasa starts walking towards me and I whip around, pointing a finger at him.

"Rasa. What. The. Fuck? Is this some sort of joke?!"

My voice sounds small even on my own ears, and my eyes are watering threateningly.

He blinks, "no joke, but if it makes you feel any better, i did think of you as a friend." He tilts his head, "unfortunately that just makes my job harder."

My jaw clenches.

How is that supposed to make me feel better?! It doesn't. Not one bit.

"Seriously though- god I want to throw up just looking at you. How? Why- w," I stutter out, biting my cheek as he stares at me.

"I'm a Kage, sometimes I have to do unfortunate things to keep my village safe." His voice is eerily level, he's looking away.

"And how the fuck does this help anything?" I say, a little louder frustration lacing my tone.

He sighs, taking another step towards me, "look, you won't understand— but our economy is in shambles, the outcome from this will let us rebuild it."

"The only outcome from this is that you make your village cut ties with it's last ally. Honestly, what did you think would gonna happen?" I ask in frustration, staring at his face closely.

His face scrunches up and his voice becomes softer, "I'm sorry, Sakura."

I pump chakra into his mind, tears in my eyes as I pushed onward. Every time he released a layer I added another— eventually he stopped, slumping to the ground.

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