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I see Itachi and Sasuke attacking Danzo relentlessly. Sending a killing hit one after another.

Confusion flows through me- they never said he was being pursued?

I pick up my pace as I run toward them, what are they doing?

What's going on?

Danzo drops after a few moments and doesn't get up.

Itachi follows and my heart nearly stops.

I stop running and Shunshin next to him.

I drop down checking his pulse- nothing.

Putting one hand over the other, I place it on his chest and start doing cpr, my cheek bleeding from my biting it.

I count as I go, thirty, two, and restart.

Sasuke comes running over, "What- what happened? He didn't get hurt."

Thirty, two, and restart.

"Sometimes..." I pause, "Sometimes our own bodies can't help but fight us. It disagrees with us and there's nothing that can be done alone."

Thirty, two, and restart.

The cpr does nothing.

I stand up and take a step back, mind running quick.

My hand starts to spark as electricity runs through it.

"This might not work—,but it worked on Nagato... it's my last bet," I drop down placing my hand on his chest and amping up the voltage.

I do this, getting more desperate every time.

"Sakura, hey, breathe," I hear Kakashi's voice and I stop, my head hanging down as my eye watered.

I take a few deep breaths and I look at him, one last idea on my mind- I was going to look insane if it didn't.

I ignore any other sound around me, focusing solely on Itachi.

I focus my chakra into a chakra blade and cut open his chest, reaching my hand in and holding his heart- his non-beating heart, not warm heart, in my hand before squeezing —sending out a small stream of healing chakra to manually move his blood with the palpitations.

I release and squeeze, making sure to never squeeze tight and to never move it too fast.

I ignore the warm feeling of blood in his heart, and the hand on my shoulder, I send out a larger stream of chakra- clearing his lungs as much as I could and forcing them to contract and expand.

I do this for one minute, and another.

I suddenly feel his heartbeat without my help, and his lungs expand without my pushing for them too.

I pull my hand out and get to closing the hole in his chest, noting my constant gasping for air.

I keep sending healing chakra to his body, getting his functions started, and only when his eyes open do a pair of hands physically drag me away.

I allow myself to be pulled away, I watch as Itachi wakes up— his head turning in my direction. There's no clear expression on his face, except for pure shock.

Sasuke is next to his side not even moments later, fussing over him.

Jiraiya —the one who dragged me away— and Kakashi were next to me, telling me to breathe, Kakashi even summoned his dogs.

Their words sounded faint in my ears and it was hard to focus as I stared at my hands.

Bloody, bloody hands, not my blood.

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