Butterfly Effect

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The next few days were just a headache of paperwork, convincing the council that poor Obito wasn't out to get us, and rebuilding efforts.

To put things simply, I was exhausted.

Not to mention I was thrown off my rocker when I realized that Inner had no longer been replying, not talking-- not one peep for days.

I was worried at first, but now I'm afraid, I don't know exactly why she was there in the first place, but she's always been there, it's... odd.

At the moment though, I was sitting in a hospital room with Nagato, who was sitting on his bed and stretching his leg— ah, well, I was stretching his leg.

He had woken up yesterday and so I -the one in charge of him- have been working on physical therapy to see if we can eventually get him to walk again one day. His eyes had been causing a strain, but there was nothing we could do at the moment but to stuff his Heme levels full- which proved to be working.

So far he was healing fairly well, he could only eat semi-solid foods such as pudding and mashed potatoes -which he would be eating for the foreseeable future- but that was to be expected, he was in a coma for a month after all.

Konan has been helping him with his stretches a lot-- the only reason I was helping now was to do a checkup and mark up any new progress.

I guess he does have those stubborn Uzumaki genes, he'd been making pretty phenomenal progress.

A head pops in through the door, "Sakura, ah, someone is here for you."

I wonder who-- usually they'd just come in.

I give them a sharp nod and turn to Nagato, gently setting him down, "Konan will probably be here later, I've seen most of what I've needed to see, good job Nagato, I don't doubt you'll be walking soon!"

He gives me a half smile and I give another nod before walking out of the room, following the nurse down some halls.

I can't help but wonder how he's really doing. He's a quiet and reserved guy- which is respectable, but sometimes I worry.

When the door opens to the hospital I blink at the people in front of me.

"Hey!" I exclaim in greeting, a smile popping onto my face, "I thought you guys were going to be out longer on that mission, back so soon?"

"Ah, well," Obito trailed off and Kakashi picked up.

Yes, Obito is technically banned from the Hospital. It's- it's a long story, perhaps one we can dig through another time.

"It went smoother than expected, I guess everything is really dying down now that we're all at peace and the Akatsuki isn't an issue..."

I shrug, "I suppose, but that doesn't stop thugs and such, but I guess it's about time you had a simple mission."

"Right, it's like team seven is cursed or something," Obito snickered.

I begin walking to one of the newly opened restaurants and they follow, "oh you don't say... but really, I'm glad you're alright!"

Kakashi pats my head and gives a small hum in response.

I enter the restaurant and the waiter seats us.

"So Sakura, I've heard rumors that you managed to snag a certain Uchiha!" Obito exclaims making me blanch.

"You do realize you are an Uchiha? If... if you're talking about Sasuke, well... we went out on a date, ya know, get to know each other," I pause.

"But?" Kakashi says with a huff.

I shrug, "although I do think he's not a bad person, we both agreed that we aren't right for each other..."

Obito sighs softly, his face dropping slightly, "Oh, I see, I didn't mean to bring up a sensitive topic!"

I raise an eyebrow, "I don't mind talking about it, I just wasn't expecting you of all people to ask."

"Wait, what's so weird about me asking?"

"I guess I'm still used to hearing you plot out the different ways you'd murder Kakashi that I forgot you have actual interests."

Kakashi snorts in the water he had, "she does have a point."

Obito pouts and I stare out the window for a few moments, watching the villagers and some ninja working together to help build-- a lot of the village had been done, but there was only so much we could do at once.

"Anyway!" Obito says cheerfully again, waving his arm as if waving the thought away, "does this mean you have your eye on someone else?"

"Hmph," I grin, "I thought you were caught up on all the latest gossip, oh Obito, Obito Uchiha, the ever knowing, wise, incredibly kno-"

Obito cuts me off with a squawk, "Alright! I get it, on with it!"

"I- um," my voice gets into a low mumble, "think of... another Uchiha."

I see them both straining to listen and process, Kakashi stares at me blankly and Obito copies his look —almost making me snort— but then snaps out of it.

"Oh! Wait, I see it. I can totally see it. Oh my god, is this because I placed you on the same team? Please tell me that it happened because of me! You guys would have the cutest most adorable ba-"

Kakashi cuts him off by snapping his jaw shut, a strained smile on his face.

"Obito. Never, ever speak again."

Obito side-eyes Kakashi and stares for a few moments before sighing in resignation and nodding.

I snort and Kakashi turns to me blinking slowly.

I shrug, "What can I say... I have a type."

Obito bursts out laughing, "well, if that doesn't work there's one more Uchiha left," He winks before wilting away as Kakashi hits him on his head.

"What did I just say."

Obito pouts but stays silent. Kakashi turns to me again, staring, "Sakura, if you ever need anything- tell me. I am not above committing manslaughter."

I stare at him as he gives me the most serious look ever. I can't help the laugh that leaves my mouth- sounding similar to squawks.

"I- Kakashi, no, I can handle myself. Thank you!"

He narrows his eye and gives a short nod.


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