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"The academy didn't really 'pay attention' to her, because she's a civilian born. But we already had a... chat with them." His words sound ominous, even to me, who was there.

The Hokage nods thoughtfully.

"I take it you've been training her?"

Kakashi smiles, "Yeah, she's my student student."

I snorted at him, the Hokage didn't question it.

"Good... congrats on completing your first A-Rank missions," he smiles at us, "that is all the questions I have, you have the next three days off— your payment will be down at the finance office."

I walk out of the room beaming, hopping down the stairs, Naruto bounding down next to me, and Sasuke and Kakashi trailing behind us.

"Gah, I'm gonna be rich!!" I shout, heart thumping loudly in excitement.

Once we pick up our pay we all go out to eat again.

This time we go to eat at Ichiraku's.

We all walk there— my eyes wander the city as we walk. It was dark out but there were lights, quite a few of the stores were closed— but a majority were open.

There were kids running around with friends; parents laughing at them.

A smile comes across my face, but I can't help the way my heart skips a beat, and my stomach drops.

My breathing gets heavier -I blame it on the way we were running a minute ago- and my smile gets wider; a fabrication to protect myself.

We sat down, me at the end, Sasuke next to me, Kakashi next to him and Naruto at the other end.

Naruto and I animatedly chat— making sure not to exclude anyone.

I laugh at something Naruto says, picking up my chopsticks to eat.

"Did either of you happen to catch his face when I jumped on him? I wasn't looking," I snorted. "I was too busy thinking I was gonna die."

Kakashi sighs, shaking his head.

Sasuke smirks, "he looked horrified, as if you were the S-Rank ninja and he the Genin."

Laughter bubbles up inside me- a newfound pride suffocating my fear of death.

"Well if all it takes to not die is... that— I think I'll be immortal" a grin naturally finds its way onto my face as I speak, not missing Kakashi and Sasuke's amused reactions.

Naruto- well he was slurping noodles so fast I don't think he heard me. I roll my eyes, taking a few bites of my food.

"Sakura If you die I will kill you for jinxing it." Kakashi stares me straight in the eyes as he -low key- threatens me.

I briefly wonder how he will kill me if I'm dead, but I get hungry, and take a bite losing my train of thought.


I'm hunched over at the old dining room table- the brown hues of the table hidden by my papers- while I intently work on the Hiraishin seal— Kakashi sits nearby while he reads his book.

My fingers twitch impatiently as I read the notes, after three days I'd gotten done a majority of the layers, only having 30ish layers left— now that was something to look forward to.

My eyes trail over the notes, my eyebrows scrunched in concentration.

I tilt my head, while I write some of the points that I deem useful.

A short while later I finish all the notes about the Hiraishin- coming to an end. Satisfied, I smile in determination, working on the last of the seals.

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