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I didn't sleep at all, but I didn't feel tired either. I had done so much yesterday that it all felt so surreal.

I mean- think about it. I'm simply me. Sakura Haruno, 11. Civilian born with puddle-sized chakra reserves. Barely any basic training. Can't even fight properly, as I've been told over and over again.

You'll never be enough.

My parents parroted that to me, all of the time.

You don't have enough chakra, you keep failing your fighting classes— honestly, reading isn't enough.

Sakura do things that are fitting for a young lady like you.

I'd beat myself up over it, I knew that I wasn't enough. No matter what I did it simply lacked.

But, now I think I'm qualified to think a little... differently.

I have perfect chakra control- AND I taught myself to create wood. Not my new teacher, me.

Not to say he didn't help, but, in the end, that doesn't take from my accomplishments.

I created wood.

I would laugh at the mere idea. If it were anyone else I would ask for proof. I mean, I wish I could prove it to myself further; but, I watched myself create the wood— which should justify as proof.

I created wood.

The wood that I'm staring at, the wood my hands are gliding over, as I try and figure out if this is all real; if I actually did such an impressive feat.

I did.

I got up and completed some stretches--pride never leaving my mind. It was a new, alien feeling but it felt so good. I made my way over to a restaurant to get some food on the way to the training grounds(I didn't even eat dinner, and Chakra exhaustion as well as a lack of sleep was starting to catch up).

Sasuke and Naruto were already at the training grounds when I arrived— I think this is my first time not being the first person somewhere. Not on our team at least.

I gave my greetings which were happily replied to by Naruto, and I received a slightly less enthusiastic response from Sasuke.

Naruto questioned my lateness, I didn't even know how to put what had happened into words, so I simply smiled. He sort of grinned back, just staring at me curiously as I plopped myself down.

I think they could both tell I was in a fantastic mood though, and I think that it actually made them happier too..? It probably relieved some tension to see me in such a happy mood.

I mean I'm positively beaming at the moment— but who wouldn't be if they did what I had done?

When Kakashi arrived, I had already started reading more of the wood-style books trying to contain all the information in case I needed it within the next ten minutes. Yes, I may be in over my head, but I can't help but feel excited— like a warm feeling in my stomach which made me excited yet nervous.

Naruto pointed out the obvious-how late our teacher was, as per routine— and Kakashi made an excuse, as per routine "he got lost on the path of life" and then we got started with some simple D-rank missions.

I saw him give me a strange look, but he didn't comment.

We had more tasks to do than yesterday, such as pulling weeds and picking up litter, but all in all, it was pretty simple and slightly fun— or perhaps that was my revolutionary experience speaking.

I thankfully didn't have to use my chakra to do anything; I haven't recovered all my used chakra yet and wouldn't know what to say to my teammates about why my chakra is almost at chakra exhaustion levels.

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