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I sigh and sit down, "so... now we have four Akatsuki members on our side," I pause as my eyes dart between Sasuke —who was staring at Itachi— and Itachi— who was promptly ignoring the stare, "Well, I think we need to have a talk, Sasuke, Itachi," I say walking towards the door.

Can't a girl get some rest?

Sasuke get's up first, following us out. I glare at Itachi and he gets up following us out.

The silence is long and awkward, I wanted nothing more than to leave. I stop at an empty field, putting some privacy seals around us.

"So... no fighting, please. Not now, let's talk it out, yeah? Do you guys want me to go? I can go," I ask.

They both look at me and shake their head no.

I nod and wait for them to start. Neither do, making me groan.

"Alright, why don't we start with why, is that alright?" I ask Itachi.

He hums softly and looks down.

"I, uh. The clan was planning a Cout d'état, and... Danzo, he ordered me to kill the clan- I couldn't do anything else. He took Shisui's Sharingan, killed him after."

Sasuke stares at him intensely, and I look between the two carefully.

"So, I killed the clan. I couldn't kill you though, I, I just couldn't. I had help, and he left my family to me."

Sasuke sucks in a breath, "So why make me hate you?"

Itachi looks at me and Sasuke whips his head at me his eyes searching for answers.

I shrink back, "He's sick. He's dying, I've been doing what I can to slow it, but it's difficult when I can't physically be there to check up on him. He feels guilty too, from what I can tell."

Sasuke nods, "so... you were hoping that by me killing you... you'd be salvaged? You'd be put in your place? That's some bullshit."

Itachi sighs, bringing his hand up to his eye, "I never wanted to be a Ninja."

I almost gasp at that, but manage to stay neutral. Sasuke gapes at him, probably at a lack of words.

He continues though, "I never did, but I can't say I hated it before. I don't like violence, but I felt strong."

I related to the last part of his sentence, how he felt strong, how in control I feel when I'm strong.

He continues on, "I started getting sick though, I... lost control. I started struggling, and then I had to kill the clan— and I kept getting worse. I wanted to lie low, disappear, but I couldn't. If I did, people would've been suspicious of me and the village."

Sasuke scoffs, "So the best thing to do was to make me avenge my family?! I- I don't even know what to say to that. I hate- hated you. You lied to me."

I grab his hand as Itachi speaks, "I know. I know, and I'm sorry. I don't know what I can do— if I can do anything— to make it up to you."

Sasuke pauses and stares at him. Minutes pass before he speaks, "I don't know. A part of me wants to say it's fine, to say you were ordered. That our family weren't exactly saints. Yet another part of me hates you. You left me, you wanted me to kill you. I- don't know what to feel"

Itachi nods, "I know. I don't deserve forgiveness anyway. I never expected to truth to come out."

My heart drops, his mental health is probably below rock bottom at this point. I mean, his only goal was for his brother to kill him, oh my god.

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