Her fight

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Chunin exams, huh. ? Am I ready for that though?

I think so... even if your one-on-one fighting skills aren't top notch, or as refined as Sasuke's you have the Hiraishin.

Well, I suppose so, but just because I can use it doesn't make me good at it.

True, but you don't necessarily have to use it to fight-- use it to get away if needed.

Isn't the beginning of the whole thing a team effort? I don't even know if I can bring people with me when I do it-- and my fighting skills in general are just... lacking.

Actually, you've improved a ton, haven't you noticed? And, again we can just try it.

Have I really improved so much?


Any doubts I have about myself-- inner denies they exist.

I hum to myself, focusing on Kakashi again, "I'll take the exams."

He brings his hands together, "great! I'll give the three of you the slips in a few days."

I hum, using my fork to try one of the cakes on the table --it had several layers, and one of them consisted of fruit. It was sweet and creamy and tasted like strawberries. I raise my eyebrows in surprise at the food, tasting more-- everything was pretty good, except for the cheesecake.

As we eat I let out a yawn, my eyes watering.

"Tired? Why don't we go back soon, we have training tomorrow, after all."

I nod, stifling yet another yawn. He pays as the waiter comes back and then he grabs my arm, shunshining us home.

I make my way to my room, flopping onto the bed, with a faint thud.

I awake the next morning with pain in my arm, yeah, I definitely slept on it wrong. I snort to myself.

As I walk into the kitchen, I hold my arm in my hand, healing it. Kakashi is at the couch, reading and there's some cereal at the table.

I pour myself a bowl, eating quickly. Once finished I walk over to Kakashi, trying to get his attention.

I poke him on the cheek-- nothing.


He does not respond to me calling his name. I poke him a few more times, on the cheek, neck and stomach, but he doesn't reply. I roll my eyes taking a few steps back.

I take a quick breath and run at him, bringing my elbow up- and jumping onto him. My elbow digs into his stomach and he squawks.

"Sakura-Chan what the f-"

"Hey!" I yell at him, arms crossed, pointing a finger at him accusingly, "It's not my fault you weren't listening!"

He sets his book down, narrowing his eye at me, shivers run down my spine as I remember today would be our training day.

He gets up, picking me up-- hanging me off his shoulder before shunshining into a place I had not seen before.

I flail around, asking him to put me down- which he does. I look around curiously, we're in a forest. I raise my eyebrow taking in the obnoxiously tall trees, and the odd looking bushes and plants.

"Wanna tell me where we are?" I ask.

"No, not really."

"Sweet." I pause then continue. "Wanna tell me what we're doing?"

"Well, I guess I have to."

"... okay, so...?"

"Non-stop fighting exercises, you can use anything. Chakra, weapons, and anything you deem necessary. There will be one food break, and we can use the entire forest-- don't worry it's gated and you will know if you reach the end."

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