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You Kissed My Soul by Simii_Meow
You Kissed My Soulby S.S.Sahoo
Running through the dark jungle she made sure to look back for any traces of anyone following her but then something big jumped over her and she stopped in her tracks as...
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Opposite of Normal by rebelgirlforlife
Opposite of Normalby rebelgirlforlife
"Escaping was the easiest thing I have done....but now I have to run. From the guards, the government and something called love...." Kit Jones is a hybrid shif...
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Saurian Chronicles #1 ✔ [Complete] by Robotic_Crafter
Saurian Chronicles #1 ✔ [Complete]by Robotic_Crafter
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Life of the Dark shinigami (Sasuke love story) *Editing* by summerwinters112
Life of the Dark shinigami ( Sami🌸
all characters and picturs belong to their rightful owner I only own my oc and some of the story line.. i wont really follow the story line A story about how a girl trie...
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Unexpected Love by maria_maro
Unexpected Loveby maria_maro
Tamanah Ahmadzai is leading a simple and happy life with her mother. She is happy with what life has given her and is trying really hard to succeed in her educations and...
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No Love Attached by _ambivalence
No Love Attachedby zoe
Tough New Yorker, Vera Larson, silently still copes with the loss of her fiancé, as she takes on a new head position at a publishing company. After a blind date gone wro...
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Life on da Block by ImperfectVibes
Life on da Blockby Dots 'n' Deena
Copyright © ImperfectVibes. 2014. All Rights Reserved. "Well from now on our my younger, no one can touch you as long as you tell them your younger Tempz" Devi...
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Something Worth A Fight by MyahAnderson
Something Worth A Fightby Myah Anderson
Adriana Gallegos is your average girl...kind of. She's a werewolf. She's not one that's seen a lot around the pack house. She's the kind of girl that hides in her room a...
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How I Scored Mr. Perfect (and so can you, girls!) by katlieu
How I Scored Mr. Perfect (and so Kat Lieu
Ever since Danni Panda was thirteen, her heart would break (a few times) every year. At twenty-six, she was still a virgin when the spirit of Venus blossomed within her...
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The 5th Province by KahliNanette
The 5th Provinceby KahliNanette
Larson, where Ava had grown up with her twin brother Caden, was in a constant state of disorder. The overpopulation had become out of control and the government, in a bi...
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Viribus by sexy_biscuit_tin
Viribusby Amber
Jade Wildman is the definition of danger and carefully calculated recklessness. Her emotions were hidden away a long time ago, along with her respectful and reserved dem...
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Offering (Book 1) by Leila_Adams
Offering (Book 1)by Leila Adams
Offering was a Wattpad Featured Story* Olivia and her family invited an elderly employee into their home Christmas Eve, 1908, and their act of kindness was repaid with a...
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Stuck Here as a Host (OHSHC Fanfic) by Zinniarosemaria
Stuck Here as a Host (OHSHC Fanfic)by Amalrose Vayalinkal
Aoi Kurosaki has a secret. Everyone has a secret, right? When Aoi accidentally figures out Haruhi's secret, she has to become a host. By force, not choice. She doesn't m...
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Tsaranova by The_Phantom_Writer
Tsaranovaby Ajla
A young delinquent. A brutal ruler. A hunt for the only living heir to the throne. Ten years after she is presumed dead, Arina Katerinova is discovered to be alive af...
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Shadowed Seats: (Oliana Mercer series Book 1) by MargueriteAshton
Shadowed Seats: (Oliana Mercer MargueriteAshton
Oliana knows that every family has a secret, but she never expected hers to come from the grave... High school senior Oliana Mercer dreams of attending the prestigious R...
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Jaded Daisy by SarcasmLovesYou
Jaded Daisyby Luxa
| "A girl should be two things: who and what she wants." -Coco Chanel | | After fourteen years, Ciel is finally done pretending. | | A Kuroshitsuji...
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Light of My Life (A Rey Fanfic) by thevictorianera
Light of My Life (A Rey Fanfic)by thevictorianera
Vera Beisar is a member of the resistance. All her life she's dreamed of becoming a pilot, fighting for The Republic against the First Order. One failed mission and one...
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Diary of The Nymphomaniac by lovelanie143
Diary of The Nymphomaniacby lovelanie143
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The Capricorn House by Sarcastic-Raspberry
The Capricorn Houseby Razz
Thirteen young teens are locked in a house and told by their kidnapper, who goes under the alias of Capricorn, that they are required to provide some, "entertainmen...
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Variant by JustGoDiePlease
Variantby JustGoDiePlease
CURRENTLY IN EDITING ------------------- "We'll be friends forever, right?" The little girl asks, smiling at the boy beside her. The boy grins ear-to-ear at...
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