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Crave Me by _laciela
Crave Meby NIQUE
Auden was supposed to be ordinary. She moved away from her pack, became a vet, lived a normal life, and only did the occasional business for her pack. After all, she was...
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  • strong-female-protagonist
  • half-ling
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MIMI by paramyis
MIMIby Paramyis
Disowned and deemed useless by her family, Mimi Hirogori is a teasing mischievous girl whose only care and importance in the world lie with her beloved eldest sister. Ho...
  • success
  • richgirl
  • disowned
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Resisting The Alpha by Captain_Lebanon
Resisting The Alphaby Shanelle H
"Accept it and submit to the bond, Accalia," He growls, lips trailing along my neck. An assertion of both dominance and seduction, a statement that he has acce...
  • alphamale
  • vampire
  • temptation
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Crash by luv234_luv
Crashby Call•me•KJ
Lyra Jay Kellie has just had the second worst day of her entire life. It's right up there at the top of the list, just under her mothers death day. Her plane fell out...
  • survival
  • wild
  • revenge
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Blood Lust by AliciaMarino
Blood Lustby Alicia
A prophecy. A lie. A love to conquer centuries. *** Cassandra is a women without a last name, a woman who has toiled through life just grazing the edge of survival. To...
  • stronglanguage
  • hot
  • vampireromance
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Heart beats again❤️ by unreadthoughts
Heart beats again❤️by unreadthoughts
A strong educated girl (Elena) , who comes from a conservative family, wants to depend on herself and wants to "seem" tough , confident and unbreakable.. she w...
  • strong
  • destiny
  • heartbeats
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Chosen by Bailey2911
Chosenby Bailey2911
It is the year that marks the 100th anniversary since the city has been built. It is the year when twenty youth will be chosen. It is the year that will change everyon...
  • fightforsurvival
  • action-adventure
  • family
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Run on  by Jen_Paige101
Run on by •Jen•
Casey has done a horrible thing and promises never to do the thing that caused the horrible thing to happen but sometimes you have to break the rules...
  • visions
  • powers
  • wanted
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Adeline. The Story of a Broken World. by Corparaose_54
Adeline. The Story of a Broken AceOfAdeline
Adeline wakes up in a strange world unlike anything she ever seen. Adeline is sweet and creative but can be sour and bitter. What is this world? We don't know...... (ch...
  • memory
  • unexpected
  • unfair-world
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Kleperland by phsypathetic
Kleperlandby madu
Paralell universe addicts, Serena and Elliot didn't expect that their creepy ritual to get to Kleperland would work out. That is, until Serena found herself in Kleperlan...
  • adventure
  • scifi
  • journey
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The Flower Of Paeonia by ValerieHawkeye
The Flower Of Paeoniaby Valerie Hawkeye
It took human race a few hundred years to recover to some extent from The Great Cataclysm. But instead of learning their lesson from it and starting to live a life full...
  • post-apocalypse
  • chauvinism
  • pagan
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Lazarus Rising by TLDorian
Lazarus Risingby T.L. Dorian
After the death of her aunt during the assassination of the President of New Europa, young Investigator Cheyenne Styx finds herself thrust into a conspiracy originating...
  • andriod
  • invasion
  • mars
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Lacuna by RebekahHeart
Lacunaby Rebekah
Lacuna ləˈkjuːnə/ noun 1. an unfilled space; a gap. Farah was missing something that she never thought she would have lost; herself. In order to find her, she needs to...
  • findingyourself
  • findinghappiness
  • story
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That One Fall Day by bookappriciater
That One Fall Dayby bookappriciater
  • reality-check
  • strong-female-character
Mare's Nest (T. J. O'Sullivan Mystery #1) by ldarter
Mare's Nest (T. J. O'Sullivan Larry Darter
T. J. O'Sullivan is a newly minted private investigator at a small Los Angeles detective agency. When her boss sends her to Honolulu on what seems a routine missing pers...
  • crimefiction
  • strong-female-character
  • femaleprotagonist
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Collapse [ On Hold ] by something-random
Collapse [ On Hold ]by Sophie Emma
Most of us have been living in here our whole lives. We have no idea what lies beyond the walls nor what our books describe; separate buildings for different families, c...
  • apocalypse
  • zombies
  • violence
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Dead Friends by JasonDavis
Dead Friendsby Jason Davis
When Lizzie inherited her uncle's fortune and house, she never realized what else that would include. Though within minutes of checking out what she now owned, her frien...
  • deadinside
  • betaread
  • deadthings
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A Home to Return To(Bleach Fanfic) by stina16
A Home to Return To(Bleach Fanfic)by stina16
Ayame Ikeda was nothing more than an unlucky child born into the roughest district in the Rukongai: district 81. Afters years of a hard life and mastering the ways of th...
  • bleachfanfiction
  • strong-female-character
  • ukitake
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Abandoned by -LunarWarrior-
Abandonedby -LunarWarrior-
This wasn't supposed to be the future. This wasn't supposed to happen. But it did. And we weren't prepared. At least not enough. But it's too late now.. We're all a...
  • abanoned
  • adventure
  • highschool
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