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Reincarnated: A Bunny to A Lion by Hatake555
Reincarnated: A Bunny to A Lionby Hatake555
A modern world girl is killed of by being an Idiot and is reborn into Naruto determined to make changes for the better. Join her as she changes the story with changing...
  • action
  • neji
  • akatsuki
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Whipped by strawhat_pirate
Whippedby Straw
Itachi's girlfriend, Bellatrice, doesn't know who he really is, and he wanted it to stay that way. But when someone recognizes him in the streets, the pair are forced to...
  • asuma
  • uchiha
  • itachilovestory
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Naruto has a sister?! Namikaze Hotaru! - Sasuke Love Story by laurenlopes67
Naruto has a sister?! Namikaze laurenlopes67
What if Naruto isn't the only one with the Kyuubi? What if Naruto has a sister which he doesn't know about? Follow Hotaru and her adventures when she finally discovers w...
  • uchihasasuke
  • uzumaki
  • naruto
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SasuNaru - Stockholm Syndrome  by YaoiBLSmut
SasuNaru - Stockholm Syndrome by YaoiBLSmut
When Naruto and his team goes on a mission to find Sasuke, only to be ambushed by the Sadistic uchiha himself.
  • yaoi
  • sasuke
  • sasunaru
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Girl of the Rinnegan  by Radaan
Girl of the Rinnegan by .R.R.
Naiomi Uzumaki is one of the last Female survivors of the Uzumaki clan....Although...She was born different....She awakened the Rinnegan when night and from then on her...
  • sasukelovestory
  • sasukexreader
  • sasuke
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flower girl  by melonsoup
flower girl by 𝔩𝔲𝔫𝔞
[ sasuke uchiha ] the sunflower fields became his haven, along with her. - łōwēr-cāsē īntēndēd - - completed -
  • romance
  • naruto
  • complete
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The Uzumaki Siblings《Book 1》 by Shayne_potato
The Uzumaki Siblings《Book 1》by シェイン
2nd Place of Naruto Watty Awards 2017!!! ¤~¤~¤~¤~¤~¤ Top/Highest Rank: #21 In Fanfiction ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤ Mizuki Uzumaki Is Naruto's Little Sister, Naruto Was Born Two Years Befo...
  • sakura
  • naruto
  • drama
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The Truth || SasuNaru by infolol
The Truth || SasuNaruby ♥️Brianna♥️
Boruto...He awakes his sharingan....but how? He's Naruto and Hinatas son...isn't he? SasuNaru || Infolol
  • naruto
  • sasunaru
  • sakura
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Akatsuki Child by Infinity_of_Nobody
Akatsuki Childby Kami-Sama
Mai Kurochi is a 8 year child who lost her family in a very tragic and harsh way at the age of 3 that now leaves her with mental shock. To the people in town, Mai looks...
  • akatsuki
  • kisame
  • gaara
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A Child of Many Secrets by strawhat_pirate
A Child of Many Secretsby Straw
They found her in the living room, sitting, waiting. Just a child, one who made an insane claim. Only she had the proof to support it. Join Nahiko Uzumaki, the orphan gi...
  • neji
  • kakazu
  • deidara
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