Sakura vs Team

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We didn't train as we did the past few days, instead, we did some Taijutsu and added chain practice in the morning, then we met up with Sasuke and Naruto.

Before Naruto can complain about our lateness-- Kakashi cuts him off and holds up a few papers making my heart flutter in excitement.

"Do you guys want to take the Chunin exams? We're hosting them this year, and they will start in a few days."

Sasuke leaned in as Kakashi talked, smirking. When Kakashi was finished Sasuke nodded his head yes, looking at me-- as if asking if I would be taking them.

"Oh, I'm in!" I grin, and we both turn to Naruto, who pauses.

"Chunin exams?" He asks.

"It's a test to get a higher rank-- after Chunin is Jounin," Kakashi explained, waiting for an answer.

"Yeah I'll take it, of course, I will!" Naruto exclaimed excitedly.

Kakashi nods, "good," he hands us the papers, which I look at.

It had the general information --when, where, who to bring(your team) and a disclosure saying that no death can be blamed on them. I shrug, it seems just as I'd expected.

So we have a week to prepare, then we'd be taking the test. I bite my cheek, holding back a smile.

"Anyway, for that reason, we will not be doing missions this week, instead we'll just be training. Naruto, Sasuke, I want you two to fight against Sakura while I watch. Sakura, you can use anything." Kakashi announced.

I furrow my eyebrows, snapping my head towards Kakashi, ready to say absolutely not, but Sasuke cuts me off- Kakashi almost smiling as he did.

"Why are we paired against her?" His voice had a bite to it wish stung my heart.

Naruto was also slightly confused, but not as straightforward— he didn't say anything, but his face was furrowed and he was staring at Kakashi confused.

"You'll see." Was the mystic answer Kakashi gave us.

I turn, getting into a stance-- knowing there would be no way out of this now.

At least I was able to make more seals yesterday, I wonder how someone close to my level would react to them...

Neither Naruto or Sasuke go to attack me-- I shrug and jump back, shunshining around to place seals throughout the field.

I take out my staff, putting the Hiraishin in the holster on my back.

I shunshin in between the two of them, a kick aimed at both their heads(scissor kick, in case you needed a visualizer--oh and the Taekwondo version). Naruto gets kicked, knocking him forward and making him look back in shock-- Sasuke is able to dodge in time, forming handsigns, making me wonder for a moment if he was a fire type.

I don't stick around to confirm if I'm correct, instead i shunshin far away.

After I'm far away, I see a huge fireball, which probably would have burnt me alive.

I shake my head, throwing the Hiraishin at them-- I'm about 20 ft away, I can do this!

When the Hiraishin is right next to Naruto- who seems confused about my aim- I use it to teleport myself next to him, swinging my staff before all my senses can calm down. I hear it hit him, and jump back.

Sasuke begins running towards me-- stepping on a sound seal along the way- I smirk- waiting for him to reach me. He begins to fight me, I can already see a difference in his abilities because of the seal. Pride swells up inside of me, deflating only when Naruto lands a hit on me from behind.

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