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My blaring alarm abruptly awakens me

A weariness overcomes my body from a consecutive lack of sleep and I want to yell at my alarm for waking me.

Regardless of my exhaustion, I get up and start my day.

I stretch, I eat, and I prepare food for Sasuke and Naruto, and myself. As simple as that and I leave at 6:30 on the dot. As I walk I contemplate my skills-- or lack of.

I do have some minor skills in healing and Fuinjutsu- but my negatives outweighed my positives by a mile.

Again, virtually no chakra, no fighting skills, and I can't even use my ninjutsu skills without becoming a weakness to myself and my team.

Sasuke on the other hand is a good fighter, has a lot of chakra, and even knows a good amount of ninjutsu-- and he comes from a clan meaning he was taught.

Naruto has the most chakra out of all of us, although he has terrible control- the one ninjutsu he knows alone lets him fight efficiently. Not to mention he isn't that bad of a fighter, not half as helpless as me.

I sigh aloud, slapping my hands to my cheeks out of frustration.

I still have no clue why I was even put on this team. I have nothing compared to them-- sorry, nothing Ninja-wise compared to them. And our teacher offered to teach me. ME? Kami, what is he getting himself into?

I'm ecstatic though, I'm excited to learn— I'll always be excited, ready, willing to learn— I just hope that he doesn't give up on me.

I sit again in my usual spot and pull out the notes on the Hirashin, and some materials for seal making.

Before I alter anything at all, I'm going to have to make it first. Then I'll also be able to see ways I can alter it.

I take one glance at the first layer and mentally freak out -there is a lot- I take it one step at a time. There is no rush. Chunin exams are far out, and any high ranked missions aren't going to be soon either. This is for my own benefit and practice.

I wonder what ranking this is anyway, it never explicitly said, but considering it was made by a Hokage, probably A or higher.

I'm only able to get through 3 layers in the 1 ½ hours until Sasuke and Naruto are both there- yet this includes restarting after mistakes- this means I probably have another 2ish hours until Kakashi is here.

I say hello to both of them and refocus myself, I think I hear them talking to each other today, but only a few sentences. I zone out of the outside world and focus.

As I work, it gets easier and more difficult. I tend to make fewer mistakes(practice makes better) but the layers are all different and challenging.

I don't stop, of course, until Kakashi finally poofs into existence.

By then I had completed 7 layers total, with only 134 to go, wooo.

Hey! Progress is progress.

I know, it's just... I have a lot on my plate, but it is a nice relaxant--stressful as it is.

Everyone begins walking towards the village, I guess I missed the mission. Probably cleaning up trash, since it's in the village.


We get to the village, and my assumption was correct, Sasuke and Naruto start picking up trash, and so do I.

Kakashi idly sits by watching up and reading.

As I clean, I notice that he hasn't been turning the page, so he's thinking. I wonder what he's thinking about.

I go back to cleaning, sparking up a small conversation with Naruto and Sasuke out of boredom.

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