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You pass!

These words circle my head like a shark in a tank as I walk home.

What did I do that allowed me to pass?

Sasuke and Naruto both put their feet forward. They both managed to at least do something; I dawdled around like a fish out of water.

Yes, our new sensei is a Jounin, which makes our skills have a large gap, but it's obvious how much stronger Sasuke is-- compared to me, at least. Heck, even Naruto was plenty stronger.

I expelled a genjutsu, and that was all I did. I couldn't even get Sasuke out of the ground.

I couldn't do anything to help my teammate.

What if-- what if it was a real situation? What would I have done? What would I have done if he were really trapped in front of me, and the enemy was lingering near?

I blink out of my stupor, looking at my house door in front of me. My eyebrows furrow and my jaw clenches as I stare.

Yet, instead of turning the handle and walking in, I turn around and decide to make a stop before coming home.

The Library.

This time, I'm going for something different than my usual outing; I have some things I need to know.

Like why was I put on the team of potential powerhouses? Naruto, a big ball of chakra, and Sasuke the Uchiha.

The first thing I do is go to the clan section. I find a few books on the Uchiha, and Uzumaki as well.

I sat down in a chair and started to skim over the texts, only reading anything informative or relevant(skipping through half of the books). I was able to finish a few books within 6 hours.

Yet all that led me to was the continuation of my realization.

I have nothing compared to my teammates!

I'm not holding that against them. I need to know why I was assigned to this team-- out of all the teams, why put me with potential powerhouses? Heck, they kind of already are powerhouses for our age.

I'm not from a clan like either of them. I don't have large chakra reserves like either of them. I'm not good with sparring, and I have no kekkei Genkai to help me.

I've never had a personal teacher or anything of the sort, which begs the question of why me?

I'm not special like my teammates. I can read and get good grades.

Nonetheless, how is that supposed to make me stronger? Paper ninjas never make it far. I've had that regurgitated into my ear more times than I can count, yet no one has ever offered to help fix it.

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