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Just like Zabuza, he gets tired of chasing me around. He comes up to me and grabs my arm, swinging me and flinging me into the ground- before I can make contact and probably break half my bones, I teleport to one of my Hiraishin seals.

I don't give myself or Kisame a moment to recover, I jump at Kisame, pulling out my -new- staff and swinging it with the aid of chakra.

He turns around and pulls out his sword using it to block and try to push me back. I aid my arms with chakra- but I know a lost cause when I see one, so I maneuver my way out so I wasn't in the hit range and then fully jumped out of the way. He jumps forward to keep up with me and throws a roundhouse kick followed by swinging his sword at me.

I stick my staff into the ground, holding the upper half and letting the kick block itself and I jump up, still holding onto the staff to jump over his sword.

I feel a small pulling sensation and shunshin across the field, looking at him with my eyes narrowed.

My chakra started draining. That's not good, I already have so little.

He wants to play that way, then show him how it's done.

I grin at Inner's words and send three relatively small pumps of chakra into his mind as I shunshin across the field again to avoid him from hitting me with his sword.

I pull out a few of my tools and slap a protective seal onto myself as I crouch down and build some earth walls around me-- for the purpose of hiding what I was doing.

I pull out my brush that I use for seals and pause for a moment before nodding and drawing.

Once done I release the wall and protective seal at the same time, shunshining away and grinning as I see him swinging his sword at where I just was. I wolf whistle and he whips around towards me, I wave.

He's there and grinning not even a second later, I duck and bring my legs off the ground to dodge both his sword and leg sweep.

In mid-air, I swing at him with my staff, channeling electric chakra into it, if I add too much momentum I'd send myself flying- but that's not the only way I can harm him.

He grabs the staff, the electricity output not enough to do real damage, and I send two more pumps of chakra into his mind as my feet hit the floor again.

I send a large rush of electricity making him let go and jump back.

I throw the staff into the air as I crouch and shoot out beams of wood. From those beams, I shoot out smaller, dense branches, trapping him.

I hear him grunt and start to hack through with his sword, the slight swing then chops heard.

He's a water specialist, and what does wood do best?

I don't wait for Inner to answer, or for him to get any further. I clap my hands together and shoot out a fireball Jutsu-- this is what Sasuke taught me for letting him learn a new Jutsu earlier this year, and boy was I thankful.

I approach the burning pile of branches and people and place a seal on the ground just in front of it, shunshining a little ways away before activating it.

I see him get to the edge of the branches and run into the invisible wall.

He gets out but it takes him a few minutes- and once he does he seems more focused. He's not exactly burnt-- not extremely burnt, I should say. He looks dehydrated, at best, but his face still wears a grin. I could tell it took a toll on him though.

He claps his hands together and does some hand signs, behind him a large wall of water rises rushing towards me, and fast.


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