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I let out a shout as I looked at the village which was decimated.

The ground was a huge crater, all the houses gone, and from what I could see there were mangled, dead bodies littered all about.

Anger flooded my senses as I searched for chakra sources-- any familiar ones. I find Tsunade's faint chakra source and Shunshin to her, my hands clenched in fists.

I went on a mission, a week ago. It was a simple mission- nothing was supposed to happen. We've been working so hard to train- what the hell.

These past three months have literally been me jumping from team to team and helping teach and spar- how the hell does this even happen?

"Tsunade!" I yelled, she turned to me slowly, "what the hell happened here?"

She sighed, "Akatsuki. They attacked, there had to be at least eight of them."

Eight of them? But it's two-man teams. Oh.

"Where's Naruto and the rest of my goddamn team?"

"They went after them. The four of them are actively pursuing the Akatsuki."

I nod and take a step back and close my eyes as I searched for their chakra sources, "I'll assist them."

I hear her hum softly and moments later I find them.

It's far... I'll use the Hiraishin instead.

I teleport and instantly begin running to catch up with them.

"Someone fill me in, now."

The four of them turn to me and Kakashi sighs, "Akatsuki raided the village a couple of hours ago. We were fighting, all was going well until the last two members showed up."

I nod, "What members?"

"Not sure, one had purple hair another had yellow hair. They... they were destructive, and when we were distracted with them, one of the orange haired one's went up and destroyed the village."

Humming I pull ahead as I recognized where we were going.

"I'm sending out a distress signal to the other villages, they're leading us to the bunker. It sounds like Konan and Deidara were the ones who joined in. We can continue in if you guys would like, or we can wait."

"Let's go," Naruto growled through clenched teeth.

I gave him a worried look.

"If we're going in then... I'll handle Itachi and Kisame- don't give me that look, none of you guys can avoid Itachi's Genjutsu, I can. I won't kill them, I'll capture them," I say and Sasuke gives me a small nod, "Hidan has a peculiar prowess, so sealing him is your best course of action. As for the rest of them, there's a red haired man controlling those orange haired one's, Konan will probably be with him if she doesn't stick around to fight."

Jiraiya nods, "I'll work on Hidan then, who's his partner again, Kakuzu?"

"Yes. Kakuzu is good, but he's nothing extremely special. He has several hearts —or whatever the fuck he calls them— and they each have powers. You'll do fine against it though."

He hums and I think for a moment before speaking, "I can take you guys to whoever we're going to fight, it would take up less stamina."

They nod and I think for a few moments, "Sasori and Deidara are partners. Sasori is... is a puppet of sorts, he has a lot of different techniques, Kakashi and Jiraiya you'd do just fine against him I think. So, Kakashi join Jiraiya and head after those two next, if possible. Naruto and Sasuke, you guys will go after Nagato and Konan. Whenever I finish up I'll join Kakashi and Jiraiya and then you guys."

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