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They both disappear a few moments after, I slink back in my seat sighing deeply.

I spend a few days near the village hidden in the rain, trying to find them again —but they were long gone, any other details I picked up were just tales and always had dead ends.

I reluctantly make my way home after three weeks of travel time.

When I get back to the village, I grinned as I rushed in.

Tsunade, seemed very excited and began questioning if I found anything.

I shake my head, "nothing more than we already know— oh, actually, there was one thing."

I state and bring my face close to her ear, whispering.

At my words she becomes ecstatic.

"Do it then!" She says, patting my arm.

I lurch back, gaping at her in shock. "Are you crazy?" I ask, my voice small —genuinely wondering if she was crazy.

She shakes her head —her mind clearly running a mile a minute, unsettling me to no end— and a grin appears on her face, "I can create a cover story, we can make it believable- and all those S-ranked ninja will make you even more strong too!"

I take another step back, "I- I can't do that! What if I have to go after Naruto? What then, my cover will be blown faster than you can say the village hidden in the leaves!"

Her face becomes serious, "Sakura, this is an opportunity that will never come up again. It will not be permanent, and I'd honestly prefer you here, but we need to know their goal."

That's right... we're all in the dark here, but it's a dangerous organization. At the rate they're moving they'll no doubt become a threat to us soon, too.

Mhm, true

She clearly senses my hesitance, taking a deep breath she comes over to me and grabs my shoulder, "Sakura, as soon as they ask you to go after someone you know, or anyone in general, then get out of there. If you can, please stay as long as possible."

I look up at her with my eyebrows scrunched, "I- I can probably fake some of the things, I have to make some seals."

In a smaller voice I look down at my hands, "are you sure about this?"

She wraps her arms around me, "Sakura Haruno, I have complete faith in you and your abilities. S- so please, I can stage something, and then you can run and go in hiding, I'm sure it's only a matter of time before they come after you."

"Can I say bye? I -how long will I be gone for," I ask as I hug her back. My voice cracks as I speak and I feel the tears begin to fall.

She gets down on a knee, looking up to me, "you'd have to go full undercover. As for how long you're gone... it depends on how successful you are- maybe a week if you're unlucky, a few years if things go well. Please remember I want you to come back- so take care of yourself alright?"

Full undercover. She means I can't say bye.

I take a deep breath in, straitening out my jacket, "I guess I have to, what should I do then?"

She nods, her smile is long gone-- she calls for a few Anbu members and whispers into their ears before dismissing them. Afterward, she sends a small smile my way.

"Break into Anbu headquarters- track their chakra and go to the floor below them and pretend to sneak around and steal some documents- hell, steal some if you can cause why the hell not- and then fight them before fleeing. Try not to kill anyone, thanks."

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