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Disparity [Madara Uchiha x Fem!Reader] by oyaakuroona
Disparity [Madara Uchiha x Fem! 𝐡𝐨𝐧𝐨𝐤𝐚
Upon finding out the truth behind her hidden parentage, senju [name] ultimately fell into darkness. "it was inevitable," they said. even after experiencing los...
Darkness That Binds Him (ItaNaru) |Under Editing| by Sayuri-02
Darkness That Binds Him (ItaNaru) Sayuri
What if Naruto was frame for a crime that he never commited? What if Naruto was betrayed except Iruka Umino? What if Naruto was attack while he was in jail? What if Naru...
F A M I L I A R by mostlyamanda
F A M I L I A Rby 아만다
Iwagakure has been my home for my entire life. My clan used to be one of the most powerful in the village, but after the last Great Shinobi War we were left almost extin...
Naruto x Reader Oneshots (Under Editing) by naked_dragon
Naruto x Reader Oneshots (Under naked_dragon
I don't own Naruto. One shots and nice stories
Naruto / Shippuden : The Blood Demon Shinobi ( Male Reader )  by Ninjamain
Naruto / Shippuden : The Blood Ninjamain
Brought in after death of family. Trained by Anbu black-ops since age three. Fully trained assassin by age five. Surpassed Jōnin rank at age seven. Rivaling legendary sa...
Kakashi x Reader [English] by Akutaguwu
Kakashi x Reader [English]by Akutaguwu
I'm (Y/n) (L/n), although my last name is not known to many people. I used to have a happy and chill childhood in a small hidden village from the Land of Rain, at least...
SERENDIPITY❂ S. UCHIHA by housasunflowers
"you're annoying" "that's tragic" slowburn sasuke x oc
Rabbit Princess [Gaara] [2] by SlytherinScum
Rabbit Princess [Gaara] [2]by 정해님
Months have passed by since the day Naruto departed, and Tsukiko has been ever-occupied with perfecting her abilities to the best she can. Not to mention -- keeping in t...
Reborn!  by within-the-shadows
Reborn! by Shadow
Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura, the last remaining members of team seven, as well as the last ones left in their world. They had killed Uchiha Madara and ensured that he was...
𝐒𝐄𝐑𝐄𝐍𝐈𝐓𝐘 ― u. sasuke  ✓ by _hatake
𝐒𝐄𝐑𝐄𝐍𝐈𝐓𝐘 ― u. sasuke ✓by ❝i’ll be back soon!❞
➣ SYNOPSIS Ever since the first day they met, both of them found themselves falling into feelings they didn't know or understand. She knew that when he hit one of his l...
The Different One (Naruto Fan Fiction) by nochangenecessary
The Different One (Naruto Fan nochangenecessary
Hibiki Tsukino was never one to make friends. She has run all her life and wondered why she stays alive. She came up with four reasons; four reasons to live. When she is...
Yato Uchiha (Naruto fanfic) by Relative501
Yato Uchiha (Naruto fanfic)by Itsuki
This is a story about Yato Uchiha is a boy born during a devastating attack on his home village. The attack was of the nine tailed fox. During all the chaos two childre...
Legacy  [ Naruto Reader-Insert ] by Hazunyan
Legacy [ Naruto Reader-Insert ]by Hazunyan
You're definitely a Yamanaka, aren't you? Family and Village secrets run rampant. All you wanna do is survive long enough to see Naruto become Hokage and find out who yo...
Jiraiya x reader: Private research by hoekage94
Jiraiya x reader: Private researchby Issa
Jiraiya is having writers block. You want to inspire him. Lemon* 🍋 Purely smut. Mature content adult vulgar language I don't own Jiraiya or any characters from Naruto...
To the Past? by Feshaluvsu
To the Past?by Death
Sakura Haruno goes back in time to save the world... Follow her to see what she changes. P.S. I don't own Naruto or any of the characters. I am open for ideas and if...
Neji x reader  by MerisaRo
Neji x reader by MerisaRo
You are the princess of Tsubaki. It has been 2 years since the great ninja war and you've decided to travel to Konoha to visit your childhood friends. Read to find out...
Tsubaki no Hana (Madara Love story) Watty's 2019 by tuiboog
Tsubaki no Hana (Madara Love Scarlet B. Moonlight
Mikubae Senju is the younger sister to the Senju siblings and Butsuma's only daughter. She's spent most of her life inside her clan's compound. And although she grew up...
Haven | Senju Tobirama by emsd01
Haven | Senju Tobiramaby E.M.S.D
Haven; a place of comfort, a refuge, a safety. "This is our haven." Akiyama Fay, the child who would one day come to be known as the Blood Shinobi; one...