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He leads us to the hospital, speaking just as he enters.

"It's not much... but it's better than your village, I suppose," he glances back at me.

I nod, "Yeah, don't worry, I can help. I already know most of what was wrong, I just needed a safe, clean space where I could get him hooked up. Thank you, by the way."

He nods and calls out to one of the nurses who comes running over, he gestures to the man in my arms and the nurse leads us away instantly.

"Can you tell me anything? Why it happened," he asked urgently as we followed him up some stairs and down the hallway, under his breath he muttered, "you damn shinobi."

I smile, "Yes. He has Acute Hepatic Porphyria- I had him medicated but unfortunately, was not able to check up on him for a few months. He has a doujutsu as well, but I think the doujutsu was what caused the condition. So, yeah he overused it. His heart was stopped for... gosh, I'm not sure exactly, but probably a few minutes."

He leads us into a room and I place him on the bed, taking out some of my own supplies which I had prepared to always have since the first time I met Nagato, and connecting the needles to his arms.

"I see, can you confirm it's a natural doujutsu? Sometimes bodies have strong reactions when we take things that aren't ours."

I shake my head, "It's unlikely, from his stature and history, he's a Uzumaki. Uzumaki have not had Doujutsu in their lineage before, but he's supposedly had it as long as he can remember," I say as we move around connecting him to various needles and monitors.

"Fun, so it's been deteriorating his body," he says as he starts to scan his body with healing chakra.

I nod, "yeah, basically."

Konan speaks, almost making me jump, "But will he be okay? And... I thought he was born with the Doujutsu, why didn't anyone say anything?"

I sigh softly, "he should be fine. Maybe it was just given to him so young he thought he was born with it, I'm not sure, but it most certainly shouldn't react that way. When you are born for a doujutsu, your body should adapt to it's needs. He would have been producing extra Heme for the eye, but instead he didn't, which was a clear telltale."

She nods and I turn to Itachi as the nurse finishes up checking on Nagato, "for the Sharingan, you need potassium, right?"

His eyes widen slightly as he nods.

"Thought so, Sasuke prefers high potassium foods and I don't think he realizes why."

The nurse claps his hands, "Alright! He's stable, you did well for a Shinobi, by the way," he says as he looks at me.

I grin, "Thanks! I try and specialize in more than just maiming and killing," I smile to myself.

He nods, "I see, most ninja don't even bother, so good for you. He should be fine, we just need to watch over him. He's in a comatose state, when he wakes up honestly depends on his body. He is clearly very frail and he did die, so it might take a little longer. No worries though."

Konan gives him her thanks as he walks out of the door and Gaara clears his throat.

"Alright, so would anyone like to explain?"

I walk over, putting my arm on his shoulder, "Oh, gladly."

He sighs and I remove my arm, sitting in one of the chairs instead, he sits in another one of them.

I lean back, crossing my arms and staring out the window- which was small, and dusty.

"So, the Akatsuki attacked our village while I was out. Uhh, I got back and got word that Naruto, Kakashi, Sasuke, and Jiraiya were chasing after them, and so I joined them."

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