How do you win against a Kage?

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The next day is virtually the same as the day before-- except somehow worse.

I barely have time to coat my stomach with chakra as he appears next to me, attempting to stab me with his dagger-- shit, does my chakra even block bladed weapons?

I make the layer thicker, a sigh of relief as it barely breaks through two layers of skin-- nothing more than a severe cut, which in honesty, is not as bad as it could be.

I instantly retaliate- throwing a punch at his jaw, and adding chakra to the punch.

He throws his head back to dodge, both of us pausing as we hear the air from my punch as I come to the realization that chakra is an incredible thing.

We both jump away from each other at the same time, and I whip around as I feel chakra building up behind me- ducking as he appears throwing a kick at my head.

I roll to the side to block his punch- hopping up just to block another kick. He aimed a punch at my stomach, his other arm coming up behind my neck and pulling me forward. I stumble slightly and he uses that opportunity to get me into a headlock on the floor.

He pulls out a kunai, driving it down. My heart began thumping when I realized I couldn't move-- it's gonna kill me.

Shit- I have to move-- but I'd only be able to move by breaking something...


I don't hesitate as I listen to inner, I dislocate my arm and hip, making enough wiggle room to get out of the brunt of the attack. He kicks my stomach and I dislocate my shoulder to fully get out of his grip and sunshine away.

I carefully pop my bones back into place, effortlessly and painlessly, as I jump over his leg sweep.

His attacks grow heavier and relentless, a sadistic grin on his face the whole time as he pushes me further and further past my limits.

Out of all the people in the world, we had to get a sadistic teacher.

At least it's not an enemy ninja.

Halfway through fighting he repeats his tactics from the day before-- shouting out my weak points, then pointers in manipulation and exploiting weak points.

Then he told me he had a chat with Kakashi, and had a fabulous idea for training —I was ready to run, right then and there— which consisted of my wearing blindfolds, earplugs, and dodging objects-which had no scent on them.

Unfortunately, this made Kakashi's training seem like childsplay.

Ibiki used sharp objects and threw them with much greater force-- I honestly would not be shocked if it were an attempt to kill me.

I think I started developing a sixth sense through all this-- I like to call it, my intuition grown from teachers who want me dead. A fitting name.

In actuality, I actually started developing a new potential technique to learn how to dodge it.

It's like the opposite of a genjutsu, I'd just be reading the brain signals. I still had to learn the difference between them- but I was able to start noticing a small pattern-- though most of the time I was using more reliable ways to dodge it.

Such as feeling for air change or sensing it with chakra-- because everything has chakra to an extent.

After that he made me run yet again —after giving me a ten minute break which I used to heal myself— and then only let me stop when I physically couldn't run anymore.

After another ten minute break he had me do even more workouts- quizzing me about yesterdays books as I worked.

He threatened to stab me every time I got a question wrong- safe to say I got nothing wrong, and I vowed to never get anything wrong, knowing he really would stab me.

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