Mission impossible

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Eventually he leads me to a door, he doesn't open it and knocks instead, tapping his leg in the ground impatiently.

"This is where Kisame and Itachi sleep when they're not out on a mission, you'll be sleeping here too!"

The door swings open and Itachi stands there.

He gives us a small nod and moves aside, allowing me to come in.

I turn around and wave to Tobi, "bye for now, I guess."
He runs off without responding, making me raise an eyebrow and snort.

I turn to Itachi, "so you're the one who killed my ex-teammates family... Pleasure to meet you!"

He hums, "so... the Akatsuki?"

I grin and follow him as he walks further into the room, "Uhuh! I was bored. Anyway, Tobi never really explained what I'm supposed to do... I'm assuming we wait around 'till we get called for a mission."

He nods.

My eyes trail around the room- there was a small couch here and then two other doors. The roof was black and the floors a dark brown wood, the walls were tan, so it was a nice contrast.

Does this mean I'll have to sleep on the couch?

I decide to sit down on the couch, and Itachi does as well, the silence eats me up inside so I turn to him regretting whatever I was about to do.

"You're root, right? Or you had a root mission, I saw it in your file," I say, staring at him intently.

He sighs, "I had a root mission, yes, i'm not part of root. Did you figure out what root is?"

I shake my head, "no, I never got the chance. As soon as I got back to the Hokage to report my stupid mission, she gave me this... look, the same one that everyone else gives me. I couldn't take it so I left. I managed to snag some files, but I," I stop myself, leaning back and sighing, "I only know as much as the files tell me, which isn't much."

I look at my nails curiously.

He hums softly, "I wasn't sure you'd be able to gather any information, you left just as quickly as you came."

"Yeah, it was a pure stroke of luck I guess," I say quietly.

For a few minutes, there was silence. I sighed.

"Your root mission, it was assigned the night that you killed them."

Its blunt, to word it that way, but I suppose it's better than outright saying it. I study his facial expressions.

"Was it now?" His voice stays level.

"It was. You told me about root for a reason, didn't you? You were hoping I'd be able to do something, huh."

Again silence fills the room, only for a minute before he turns to me, his Sharingan blazing. I meet his gaze head-on, used to Sasuke's and not intimidated.

"What are you insinuating?" His tone is lower, a slightly angry undertone.

"You were ordered to do it. To leave, become an enemy. Don't look at me like that, I've thought about it ever since I read your file, it just makes so much sense... I won't, tell anyone, if that's what you're thinking."

We stare at each other, for minutes upon minutes, no other words spoken before Kisame comes crashing in through the door.

"Darling, hey! I didn't think your tour would be so quick, I was buying a celebratory snack! You know, we get an awesome teammate who can basically do anything, perfect time for strawberry cake!"

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