The Ones Who Love Me

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I'm surrounded by smiles

I'm surrounded by love

I'm surrounded by tons and tons of hugs

But no matter how much

They say they love me

It doesn't seem to make me happy

I feel joy

But not enough

To shut out the sadness

That just won't shut up

They don't know about my 'problems'

Or my 'issues'

They only know I'm smiling

And that's all they see

They don't hear my quiet tears

Or see the solemn look on my face

They don't even see my pain as I'm sitting right around them

They're trying to figure out how to play a game

But I'm sitting here writing out my pain

In these simple lines

Filled with simple words

That show my 'problems'

And all my 'issues'

For everyone to see.....

Except, of course

The ones who really love me

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