For SelfScars

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I don't know what to do right now

I don't know what to say right now

I feel like someone's life is in my hands

I feel like if I say the wrong thing

Or don't say what she needs to hear

She'll leave it all behind forever

So help me

This feeling of weight

This thought of failure

This crunch of time I have to save a life

It's hard

But I won't give up

I'll keep convincing up till the point of her death of I have to

I won't give up

Even though I've never met her

Even though we are complete strangers

She made a cry for help

And I'm answering

That cry meant she still had hope

That some tiny sliver of her wanted to live

Nobody said it was easy

But no one ever said it was impossible


Hey guys! This is dedicated to SelfScars so please go follow her! She's awesome and an amazing poet!

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