What Happened?

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We were beautiful

We were everything we wanted to be

We could've done anything

Could've been something

But now we're nothing

We're broken down

Thrown away and stepped on

What happened to us?

What made us this way?

Maybe it was our lost love

The diamond ring in the trash

Maybe it was the forgotten admiration

Together we were invincible

We were everything

I was your world

And you were my universe

But now we're apart and broken

And I can't help but want you in the most unromantic way

Maybe if you came back

We could get better

We could use each other to get back to where we once were

That's selfish I know

But maybe it'd work

Because I don't know what happened

And I certainly don't know how to fix it

But I gave my idea

Your turn

What happened?

How do we fix it?

I just can't live like this

I certainly don't want you back

we used to be so happy

But now you know what's it's like

To wake up in the middle of the night

Scaring the thought of kissing razors

So what do we do?

What have we done?

Is all our happiness really gone?

What in the hell happened to us?


Did any of you catch the lines and references from 'Stay Away From My Friends' by Pierce The Veil? It's an awesome song and I love it!

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