If It Ever Gets That Bad, Read This

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I don't feel anything right now

I don't feel pressure to hold on

Nothing holding me back

Except my last words

I haven't wrote them down

I would like to do so now

So please, listen quietly;

Mom, I love you

You're a bitch to me

I'm a bitch to you

That's how it is

I still love you though

And you still love me

You always find ways to make me see

Dad, I love you

We have so much in common

Especially our tempers

We fight

We scream

But my love for you still gleams

And I can feel the truth

When you say you love me too

Shane, I love you

You think I hate you

You silly boy

You're my little brother

How could I ever?

You've been a wonderful younger brother

Helping me through the toughest times

With your bright smiles and contagious laugh

I'll love you as long as love can last.

Dakota, I love you

You're my older brother

We rarely see each other

We don't talk much

But I love you nonetheless

I wish I would have spent more time with you

Or gotten to know you better

But just know that I'll never forget you

Christina, I love you

You've helped me through everything


I would walk to the ends of the earth for you

I would burn at the stake for you

But this pain I feel inside myself is too much sometimes

I need it gone

I hope you understand and don't let go yourself

Now that I've got that done with, I know I have my life in my hands

If I really wanted to I could ended it

I could leave and know my last words will live on

I love you all

I'm sorry
I'm not going to commit suicide or anything right now. But I wanted to have this in case I ever needed it. I'm a pessimist.

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