Life Brochure

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Life's funny isn't it?

It gives you pictures of joy and all the things you could have

It just doesn't show you where else things could go

Hell on earth

That's where I am

Didn't they show you that in the brochure?


Oh, too bad

Well, when you're fucked up, that's where they put you

They don't nurture you

They don't feel sorry

They grab at the frayed edges of your sanity and rip it apart

Nothing's the same

Nothing's the way they said it would be

Lies happen

Mistakes are made

But life tells the greatest fib of all


Maybe, maybe not

It's not guaranteed

Not like your parents promise it will be when you're little

Nothing's impossible?

Then what's the point of that word?

Impossible is impossible

That's the sad truth

So life's good, yeah

But only until it's not

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