The Death of a Bomb

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I'm pissed off

The worlds my punching bag

And I'm beating it black and blue

I guess I just wasn't good enough for you

You and your selfish games

You rip everything beautiful down and turn it to flames

Can't say I'm surprised

I could always see the deadly uncertainty in your eyes

Nothing's okay and it never will be

But you don't have to kill it silently

Selfish is good

Selfish should be me

But I let myself slip

And I thought I got the good end of chance

But here's the bad part about every wonderful dance

It always ends

Our time together has been spent

So now I'm pissed off

And it's all at my own cost

But I can't help but want to blame you

Let's bring the past into this too

Irrational anger

Every bomb has a timer

Guess we were always ticking

Waiting to explode

But as the countdown was almost over

I imploded within myself

I'm bottling it up

Putting it all on my disappointing shelf

Filled with hate and broken things

But still, I uselessly cling

To everything I ever loved

Because it's hard to let go

Even when there's nothing to show

I've said all I had to say

Today really isn't my day

I suppose I should go

I probably wasted your precious time, sorry

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