I Did*

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I can't really explain how I felt

My mind just kept flashing back to that blade sitting in the cupboard

It kept telling me to take it

And slide it across my wrist

I don't know why

I'm not sad

I'm not angry

I just felt nothing

But I still felt temptation

So I slowly walked down the stairs

Walked into the bathroom

Reached into the cupboard

And pulled out my new best friend

I looked at it

Wondering what it would feel like to run across my skin

I smiled

And I made one cut

Not very long

Maybe a little over half an inch

Not deep

Just deep enough to draw blood

Nothing big really

But it was my first

My first sign that I'd completely given up

At first I felt nothing

But the I saw the small drops of blood seep out

I smiled

I'd always loved the sight of my own blood

Then it began to sting

And I smiled even bigger yet

For the pain was what I was really after

Now I sit here

Staring at the 4 small cuts

Not in a neat straight line

But haphazardly spread all over my wrist

And I know this is bad

And I know that I should get help

But I like it

I don't think I can stop now

The temptations too strong

I'm sorry

I know I said I wouldn't

I know I said I was strong

But I almost did before

Now I've finally done it

I did

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