The Devil Is Me

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The devil keeps telling me to

He won't leave my mind

I push him out

Only for him to shove his way back in

I let my blood flow

Trying to let him go

But he fights against the current

I need more Rapids

I make the river longer




But he still comes back

So I give up

I let him sit in my head

I let him destroy my stomach with guilt

He puts on the pressure

For me to make him be long gone

But when I try

He ends up strong

And I end up crying

I'm giving up on trying

He can sit in my head

And destroy my stomach

And he can put on the pressure

He's gotten rid of every piece of will I have

The sad part is

This devil is me

I did all of this to myself

And now that I've admitted that

He's long gone

And I'm left here to sing his song

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