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More tears

Not tears of joy

Not tears of happiness

Tears of evil

Tears of darkness

I can't hold in these drops of liquid pain

I have to let it fall like rain

As I stand alone

I tell myself again

I didn't do anything wrong

I didn't go along

I stayed behind

And I cried

They looked at me with pity

Said come with us

You need to smile

But I didn't go

I stayed behind

I stayed alone

And I cried

I can't help but think

I didn't even try

I could have been happy

I could have done something with my life

But no more

It's too late

For these paths of devastation on my cheeks

Prove that

I'm just to weak

I remember I cried

I remember imagining

My family and friends having fun

I remember wishing them the best in life

Before I cried my last tear

- Alexandra


Sry this sucks! These have been getting pretty bad I think! I think I'm just losing inspiration! Maybe it'll come back to me soon but I just don't think I'll post any more bad ones until I'm out of this rut of uncreativeness!

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